Christmas Tree Decorations

We know that Decorating your Christmas Tree is one of the most important parts of the holiday. So here we want to give you the best and most unique Christmas Tree Decor ideas available.

Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

We have lots of amazing Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas for all types of trees, and all types of personal styles. Decoration ideas for your real or artificial Christmas Trees. Modern or vintage Christmas Tree Ornaments, Tinsel, Garlands, Toppers, Skirts and other Décor.

Christmas Tree Decoration Pictures

We also highlight amazing Christmas Tree themes to inspire you over the holidays! In each of our articles we will show you a range of Decorated Christmas Tree examples and show you the best way to get the same look! Search through our Hundreds of Christmas Tree Decor Pictures to get an idea of how you might want to decorate your tree this year.

Best Christmas Tree Decorations 2019

We’re updating all the time to add brand-new ideas, check the most recent articles for our these Christmas Tree Decorating ideas. We also have two very popular Pinterest Boards where we post our favourite Christmas Tree Decor Ideas!

The Best Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas from All Things Christmas


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Christmas Decorations

Best Candy Christmas Tree Ideas

If you're looking for some inspiration for a Candy Christmas Tree, here are some Sweet examples. These wonderful and whimsical trees are the perfect alternative to a traditionally dressed Christmas Tree design, and especially if you have kids or candy fanatics in your house, adds a sense of wonder and magic for your holiday. Check out our favourite Candy Christmas Tree ideas below! Gingerbread Tree How great is this? With just a few Gingerbread house, men and candy-themed accessories (we LOVE the ribbon!) you can have a sweet-looking tree in a snap! The houses could be a fantastic Craft Project…

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas: Snow Inspiration

There's something serene about an all-white Christmas Tree, and here our our favourite Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas for a tree inspired by the Winter season - and all about Snow! Classic Winter Wonderland Tree To take inspiration from this Christmas Tree, you simply need to look into the details, a sort-of woodland theme with lots of white, snowflake ornaments. The key here is the "Snow" garland. Here's how to recreate it for yourself: Elegant All White This one couldn't be simpler! Just get yourself a white tree, and adorn it with as many warm twinkle lights as you like. No…

Christmas Decorations

Best Fall Christmas Tree Ideas

If our Summer Christmas Tree ideas weren't enough to convince you to pull out and start decorating your tree, hopefully these Fall Christmas Tree ideas will. We have put together some fantastic inspiration to decorate your Christmas Tree (or create your own) for autumn. DIY Leaf Topiary Tree This amazing DIY Project by Thrifty Artsy Gal is an easy (and inexpensive) way to bring some seasonal cheer to any room in the house, and the perfect example of a Fall Christmas tree decoration that everyone will enjoy. Check out her tutorial, and the supplies you'll need below. Tea Tree This…

Christmas Tree Decorations

Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations & Retro Ideas

When looking at a Vintage Christmas Tree or traditional Christmas tree decorations, we think back to the Christmases of our childhoods. For lots of people this nostalgia is at the very heart of their spirit of Christmas, and is a major part of their Christmas Traditions. We have below some of the best examples of Vintage Christmas Tree decorations, and Vintage Tree inspiration so you can recreate your favourite Traditional Christmas Tree from the past and be the center of your Vintage Decor at Christmastime. Below you'll find the ornaments, trimmings and decorations that will make your tree just like…