Family Christmas Traditions

5 Ways to Ensure Winter is The Season of Family Joy 

With the winter weather approaching, it’s tempting to prepare for more time indoors while is calm and warm, especially as more extreme winter will become more common in some places. But I’m here to say to you that you and the kids can still have a good time playing outside, in fact it’s vital that you do! Getting children away from just screen time, and getting them outside opens them up to new mindsets, especially at winter. Embrace the winter weather by bundling up and going outside to play with snow and do fun experiments. Here’s some of our best…

Christmas Decorations

Easy Snowflake Theme Decorating Ideas

Why put in all that decorating effort for Christmas if you have to take it all down at the end of December? If you want a home decor theme that will last the whole Season - I suggest snowflakes! These easy tips and tricks for decorating your place with this Winter Wonderland theme will make your home seem festive well beyond the holiday season. Here are my favourite tips for Snowflake themed Christmas Home Decor: Snowflake Wall Decals Easy to put up, and easy to take down, Wall Decals are super popular for seasonal decor. You can get any custom…

Christmas Around the World

Tips for Outdoorsy Types this Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, communities are in full swing preparing for this joyous celebration. But there are those who don’t necessarily want to spend their holiday season indoors with the eggnog and ginger snaps. They prefer to spend their holidays hunting for the perfect shot of the elusive snow owl or snowshoeing to reindeer camps in Alaska. For the adventurous type, the typical soap-on-a-rope might not cut it as a Christmas stocking filler. Try these quirky gadgets instead. Make the Most Out of Those Starry Nights There are a few things that make Christmas in the northern hemisphere absolutely stunning and…

Christmas Crafts

Best Snowflake Christmas Crafts for Kids

If there's a single thing I like best about no, don't make me choose - I love it all, especially Christmas Crafts, and these Snowflake Christmas Crafts really hit the spot. I've put together a list of my favourite Crafts, links to the DIY Tutorials and hopefully you'll find some crafting inspiration from them. I know I'll be trying a few out myself, along with a lot of our other Kids Christmas Crafts ideas. Popsicle Stick Snowflakes Who says that snowflakes need be white? With this tutorial from The Best Ideas for Kids your little ones will be able to…