Which Christmas Light Display do you like best? There’s always one ‘Crazy Christmas House’ on the block, or maybe you prefer something a little more subtle. In this list we go over several different outdoor Christmas light options, and how to get the perfect look for your style.

Lets start with something a little subtle.

Outdoor Christmas Light Display

Although this design/style is very simple, there are a lot of perfect touches and a lot of hard work. The all-white theme covers all of the windows and rooftop edges. Just a few more thousand bulbs and this wouldn’t be too different from The Griswold’s.

What you’ll need: Warm white outdoor lights and a very large ladder.
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Next we have something a little more colourful, but still subtle.

Outdoor Christmas Light Display Outdoor Christmas Light Display
This Christmas Light Display look here is achieved from LED flood lights – and these in particular can be changed to different colours!

Here’s the sort of lights you’ll need to get this look:

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Now lets get into something a little more crazy, if you start adding a few decorated trees in the yard you’ll get something more like this.

If you could believe it, still not the craziest display that we’ve seen. This is actually quite tasteful – it has a few Letter Signs and a few Wire Trees, but the garland/wreaths on the house and a few standees, nothing too over the top.

Outdoor Christmas Light Display

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So, we’ve finally reached the peak – the Craziest Christmas house on the block.

Outdoor Christmas Light Display

Pretty much, you’ll need every single item above, and below for this display. Most Outdoor Christmas Light displays of this Calibre collect money for charity.

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