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The Reasons behind both Real & Artificial Christmas Tree Shortages

This past Christmas season, the production and supply of Christmas trees were affected by supply chain issues and the climate change problem. In 2021, the number of trees available was substantially less than in previous years. The artificial and natural trees markets struggled due to the lack of supply.  Most buyers were aware of the upcoming shortage before Christmas and were encouraged to preorder trees by the vendors well before Christmas eve. In fact, by the Thanksgiving holiday, most tree shops across the country were getting sold out by the end of the day. Consumers picked up trees of any…

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How To Clean An Artificial Christmas Tree

Guest post by Sharon of Do you know how to clean an artificial Christmas tree? Is it something you’ve never thought to do but now are wondering if this is something you should be doing?  I think it’s personal preference, some people never clean their artificial Christmas trees. If you want the run-down on how to get your tree looking good this year then read on!  How Long It Takes When you dig that tree out of the storage spot and it has a musty smell, that’s easy to remove and isn’t that difficult, it’s just fiddley. The most important…

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Best Christmas Colors for 2019 & Popular Christmas Trends

We get a lot of searches for what are the best Christmas Colors, and to keep on trend, you might be asking yourself the same question. If to find out what the Best Christmas Colors for 2019 or the best Christmas Colour trends for this season, just stay tuned we'll go over all the options and answer your questions. Not just about Christmas Trees, these examples can work with any sort of Christmas Home Decor, so keep reading to learn more about the most popular Colors for Christmas. What are the most popular Christmas Colors? This one is almost the…