Christmas Decorations

How To Purge Your Christmas Decorations

Guest post by Sharon of Are you dreading putting away your Christmas decorations? Do you need to purge your Christmas decorations but don’t know where to start or what to do with them? I know this is difficult, but sometimes it’s important to purge as we put things away and to make the hard decisions now, rather than when you get the decorations out. It’s harder to make those decisions when the holiday season is approaching, you don’t have the mental space to think about something else, but now the holiday season is almost over, it’s time to purge those…

Christmas Decorations

How To Clean An Artificial Christmas Tree

Guest post by Sharon of Do you know how to clean an artificial Christmas tree? Is it something you’ve never thought to do but now are wondering if this is something you should be doing?  I think it’s personal preference, some people never clean their artificial Christmas trees. If you want the run-down on how to get your tree looking good this year then read on!  How Long It Takes When you dig that tree out of the storage spot and it has a musty smell, that’s easy to remove and isn’t that difficult, it’s just fiddley. The most important…