We get a lot of searches for what are the best Christmas Colors, and to keep on trend, you might be asking yourself the same question. If to find out what the Best Christmas Colors for 2019 or the best Christmas Colour trends for this season, just stay tuned we’ll go over all the options and answer your questions. Not just about Christmas Trees, these examples can work with any sort of Christmas Home Decor, so keep reading to learn more about the most popular Colors for Christmas.

Best Christmas Colors for 2019

What are the most popular Christmas Colors?

This one is almost the easiest to answer, because the main colors that stay popular at Christmas year after year are usually:


Red is by far the most popular color at Christmastime. From ribbons, to Santa, to red decorations on a green tree – you’ll find this to be one of the most iconic shades and always, always on trend. You could choose from any chade from scarlet to burgandy and you’ll always have a very festive theme.


Green is going to be the underlaying colour for lots of major Christmas decor items, your tree, wreath, even garland is usually green.


Adding a little sparkle (but not too much), can really make the difference between a drab decor scheme and a classy one, consider including a metallic accent, if you don’t prefer gold, try:


Some people don’t prefer gold, so you can always go with a shiny silver accent, some of the most beautiful Vintage Christmas Tree decorations are mercury glass, which are a wonderful tarnished silver colour.

Christmas Colours for 2019

This year we can expect to see much more vibrant shades alongside the traditional ones. John Lewis launched its 2019 Christmas Trends lookbook which included a vintage style 1980s style tree including neon lights!

Best Christmas Colors for 2019

Selfridges also went with a ‘Space / Holographic’ theme for their Christmas Shop this year. Click below to watch  our  video walk-through of their shop and a few of the Christmas Decorating Trends for 2019 that they have on offer:

With that in mind I suspect that bright, vibrant colours will be on-trend this year, and since it’s my favourite, let start with:



Why not? It’s a fantastic color that doesn’t get enough attention at Christmas. There are deep wonderful purple colours that can make a whole room seem both warm and bright at the same time


There’s nothing brighter, and I think that the combination of White and Silver will be very popular this year – especially as having an actually white Christmas for some people (especially here in England) is such a rarity. If you want more ideas for white Christmas Colors inspiration visit our Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas section that has a wonderful Snow Inspiration article.


I know that Rainbow isn’t a colour, but we can’t talk about Christmas Color Trends without talking about how popular Rainbow Trees have become in the past few years. Not to mention how fantastic Candy Christmas Trees look with their wide range of practically every single colour.

Have an opinion about Christmas colours that you decorate your home or tree with? Feel free to leave a comment!

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