The age-old question, do you use a Real or Artificial Christmas Tree? The popularity of artificial trees has drastically increased in the 21st Century. Here, we go over a few styles and options for both, and the pros and cons of using a real tree or a fake one. No matter how you like to decorate, you’ll need to decide what type of tree you need.

Real Christmas Trees

There’s nothing quite like a real tree, the smell, the feel, there are lots of different types of Christmas Trees to choose from, but no matter the breed, you’ll always have a few Pros and Cons of Real Christmas Trees.

Real or Artificial Christmas Tree


  • The unique Real Tree smell.
  • Better for the Environment
  • Supporting Local Economy
  • Potted Trees last multiple years

  • Water/Cleaning Upkeep
  • Transporting can be Difficult
  • Yearly Expense
  • Limited Color options 😉


If you do choose to use a Real Christmas Tree, you’ll need a few extra supplies to help with the maintenance and clean up. A good sturdy Tree Stand and a large Tree Skirt can help.

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Artificial Christmas Trees

There can be no doubt that there are a lot of benefits of an artificial tree. The styles available, and re-usability alone is a leading factor in the popularity of fake Christmas trees. Some of these factors make help you decide if you want a real or Artificial Christmas Tree.

Real or Artificial Christmas Tree


  • Easy Set up
  • Cost Savings
  • More Color/Size Options
  • Lasts many years

  • Requires Storage Space
  • Higher Fire Hazard than Real
  • Many are PVC/non-recyclable Plastics
  • Made in China, not Locally

Since artificial trees come in all shapes and sizes, you have quite a few options to choose from when picking a design theme!

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Of course, there are some amazingly realistic and natural-looking artificial trees too.

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