On Christmas Eve, everyone believes in miracles. Children and adults are waiting for fairy tales and writing letters to Santa Claus. Winter wizard post offices operate all over the world. On the eve of the New Year and Christmas, a children’s letter to Santa Claus is one of the wonders that you and your child can create. What is more, this enjoyable activity is one more opportunity to practice writing and spelling skills, remember the rules of etiquette and politeness, and spend some time together with your kid. How to correctly draw up a letter so that the child feels all the magic and sincerely waits for an answer? Here are the five basic tips. 

Start by a Sincere Greeting

Politeness is appreciated always and everywhere, and writing a letter to Santa is no exception. The words “dear Santa Claus” are the evergreen classics to start the letter and show the first rule of politeness. After all, you shouldn’t immediately start demanding gifts. Thus, train your children to be polite. Politeness is important not only in addressing Santa Claus but also in the further text of your letter. It will not be superfluous to ask how Santa Claus is doing, how he feels, and whether he is not tired of fulfilling Christmas wishes. Also, do not forget to congratulate Santa Claus on the upcoming holiday.

Introduce Yourself

Remember that there is the only one Santa Claus in the world but there are so many kids he should visit and leave a gift. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to introduce yourself and write a few lines about yourself. Tell your child that Santa would like to know him or her better, and find out how your kid behaved during this year. After that, it will already be possible to move on and kindly ask for gifts.

Don’t Be Greedy

Each person has a lot of desires that he wants to bring to life. But this does not mean that you need to sit over a letter to Santa Claus for a day and write to him all your 50 wishes. It is better to concentrate on one thing, but the most important one. Explain to your child that Santa Claus should prepare a gift for all the kids in the world, and he has only one night to deliver them. Kindly explain to your child that it is impossible to satisfy all the desires at once, and offer some simple strategy to achieve the desired. For example, you may offer your child to start a savings account in a kid’s banking app, and soon, he will be able to buy a thing he wants on his own.

Make Some Promises to Santa Claus

It is important to understand that nothing happens on its own and gifts are not given simply because it is a holiday. This is quite a delicate point and you need to explain it correctly while writing your letter. Tell your child that Santa loves it when children follow the rules, do what their parents ask them to do, behave politely, and respect other people around. It is important for your child to learn how to promise and most importantly, keep your promise to get something in return. 

For example, your child may promise that he will study well, help mom clean the house, and the like. Your child must understand that only good and obedient children receive gifts.

End Your Letter Laconically

You cannot end the letter with a list of gifts. Instead, you should thank Santa Claus for his attention and politely say goodbye. Write that you are looking forward to an answer, but treat waiting with understanding.

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Writing a letter to Santa is a great way to share your desires that have accumulated over a whole year.  For parents, this is one opportunity to hear and understand what their kids really want. What is more, this is one more way to bring magic to your child’s life and create ever-lasting memories from his childhood.

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