All of our family portraits have always happened around Christmastime, it’s just so easy to get a few snaps of us, and then grab as many adorable Christmas themed photos of our daughter. Our first was when Lydia was only a few months old, and the second was when she was about two and a half. Some of the best photos were from that photoshoot, but it’s been nearly three years later and so it was high time that we got another set done.

Since moving to the UK we were at a loss for how or where to book a photographer though. Not only that, but from rates that I’ve seen through private photographers were definitely out of our budget.  Splento to the rescue. They are easy booking service for professional photographers, and you don’t need to pay a fortune. Think of it like Uber for photography. They offered me a photo session to try the service and I couldn’t have been happier with the results.

Usually we have gone to a studio, but with Splento, we had the option of booking a photographer directly to our home – and how could I resist having an excuse to decorate a bit early? So here you get a sneak peek into my home, my family – and a bit of my Christmas decorations.

Charlie our photographer showed up perfectly on time and was super helpful in rearranging a bit of our furniture to get the space for the shoot. He also had some great ideas for some photos and poses.

As you can tell, the family shots turned out great – I was especially pleased with the shot of my daughter. She’s just as much of a Christmas nut as I am and having gorgeous Christmas portraits of her is truly amazing.

Since we had an entire hour with the photographer, we decided to get a few non-Christmassy Family Photos as well, which was almost like getting two photo sessions in one.

Like I said, I couldn’t be more happy with the photos – and maybe the best part was that I got them back within 24 hours of them being taken! I remember waiting weeks for my wedding photos, it was a delight to see them in my inbox so quickly.

For £99 for an hour, we got over 25 perfectly retouched photos, which I can honestly say is an absolute bargain. I know that I’ll be using the service again, and will be recommending it to others.

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Hope you have a wonderful, happy Christmas with your Family.