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Christmas travel ideas for Singles: Best Places to Visit and Find your Soul Mate

Christmas is the special festivity usually associated with the celebration in the circle of the close people. It’s a time of miracles and fairy atmosphere, but how to endure it if you stuck with the routine and your relationships failed? Travelling is the best remedy from the broken heart and depression which may not only heal your deepest wounds but also can bring you unbelievable emotions and new acquaintances. How to find your soul mate? Loneliness is a terrible feeling, especially if it lasts too long. That’s why instead of feeling sorry for yourself, act eagerly. It doesn’t mean you…

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Going Away for Christmas isn’t for Everyone

In December 2016, we decided to go away for Christmas to try and catch some winter sun. Our son was coming up for three years of age and we figured it would be the last chance we had before he would start fretting about Santa being able to find us. We booked a week-long all-inclusive hotel in Tenerife and looked forward to some sun on our bones. We were departing on the 23rd December and returning on the 30th. We figured we could enjoy the week and then do our Christmas on New Years Eve and Day as if they…