The History of Christmas

Learn the history of Christmas, Christmas Trees, Santa Claus, Mistletoe and more. Discover the origins of Christmas and fun facts about Christmas History.

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Christmas Carols & Lyrics

Origin and History of Christmas Carols

Christmas Carols have been a part of Christmas celebrations for hundreds of years. The History of Christmas Carols starts with the tradition of singing at churches (as hymns) and has become more widespread and popular among the masses. There is a distinct difference between a “Christmas carol” and a “Christmas song”. Christmas carols can often be sung by a choir and usually have simple and straightforward rhythms. This is rarely the case for pop and rock songs, which often have more complex compositions. Why are they called Christmas Carols? The most fantastic explanation of the term, “Christmas carol”, originates from England.…

Christmas Traditions

Origin and History of Christmas Trees

Discover the History of Christmas Trees, the meaning and origin of this tradition, from Martin Luther to Rockefeller Plaza. This icon of Christmas brings joy and the spirit to nearly each and every of the millions and millions of homes that celebrate Christmas each year. The History of Christmas Trees as a decoration tradition may have begun as far back as the 7th century when it is said that a monk named Devonshire spent time in a part of Germany we now regard as the birthplace of many modern Christmas traditions (such as Christmas Markets). He used it as a…

Christmas Traditions

History of Mistletoe Decoration and Tradition

Mistletoe is one of the many classic symbols of Christmas. Find out more about it's history and the origin of the Kissing tradition in this article. From Druid priests to Justin Bieber, we've revered this winter evergreen plant for hundreds of years. But how did it come to mean good luck, fortune and happiness for those who kiss beneath it? (Christmas Decoration via Etsy Shop PaperTreeUK) Historical uses of Mistletoe Mistletoe was used by Druid priests 200 years before the birth of Christ in their winter celebrations. They revered the plant since it had no roots yet remained green during…

Christmas Traditions

Origin and History of Santa Claus

Most children know Santa Claus as a big, round, red-cheeked, joyous, old gentleman who delivers Christmas gifts clad in black boots and a red and white suit. On this page you will be able to delve into the fascinating history of Santa Claus, and a few of his similar incarnations around the globe. Find out more about Saint Nicholas (was he the first Santa?) and learn more about the History of Father Christmas (just one of Santa's names). The Origin of Santa Claus Was Saint Nicolas the First Santa Claus? To understand the History of Santa Claus we first have…