The History of Christmas

Learn the history of Christmas, Christmas Trees, Santa Claus, Mistletoe and more. Discover the origins of Christmas and fun facts about Christmas History.

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Christmas Traditions

The History of Christmas Cards

To learn more about the History of Christmas Cards we have to understand that Christmas cards are without a doubt the most sent greeting of the year, a tradition that is common in nearly all cultures that celebrate Christmas.  However, by the time they became popular that greeting cards already were common, the Valentine’s Day greeting came long before the Christmas card. It can be traced all the way back to the 1400s. Whereas the first commercially produced Christmas Card was created in 1873. Why not listen to my Christmas Around the World series of Podcasts featured on Christmas Past,…

Christmas Traditions

The Origin and History of Christmas

To truly learn the History of Christmas, you must first realize that Christmas is a celebration for many different cultures, therefore it has its origin deeply rooted in many different cultures and traditions. The name itself comes from From the Old English ‘Cristes Mæsse’ ~ meaning the ‘mass of Christ’ ~ for Christians - the history of Christmas begins with the birth of a babe in Bethlehem. The celebrations and traditions of modern 'Christmastime' are a mix of Pre-Christian, Christian, and even secular themes. Popular modern traditions of gift giving, decorations, music, feasting and other festivities are something that are continued by…