Family Christmas Traditions

Learn more about annual Family Christmas Traditions and discover new ones. Enjoy family Christmas time, and fun things to do with kids for Christmas.

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Christmas Traditions

Outdoor Christmas activities for 1yr Olds

Guest Post by Thia of It’s that time of year where the parents among us are frantically trying to find ways to entertain our young children and get them excited for Christmas. At least I am, a total Christmas lover and my son must love Christmas as much as me! If your children love being outdoors like my son, I had a think about what sorts of activities he would enjoy & ones we could all enjoy as a family. Bundle those little munchkins up and take them outside for lots of fun! Here are a couple of outdoor Christmas…

Family Christmas Traditions

4 Ways to Give Back to your Community this Christmas

Guest Post by Dan Kihato Christmas time is giving time. It’s the time of the year when we show how much we appreciate the ones closest to us. However, the commercialized version of Christmas we celebrate today defines appreciation of your loved ones as showering them with gifts, while acts of kindness and sacrifice (the essence of Christmas) fall into the background. Why would you want to do something good for the community? It’s not just for karma points. As was very neatly illustrated in the book “Outliers: The Story Of Success” by Malcolm Gladwell, even the most successful people…

Christmas Traditions

Five Christmas Traditions Your Toddler Can Get Involved In

This is a Guest Post by Hayley of Devon Mama Say what you want, to me Christmas is, and always will be, ALL about the traditions. Where we go, what we do, who we see… even the films we watch all play a part in the annual Christmas build up. But getting little ones involved can sometimes seem like hard work; after all, it’s difficult to drag a toddler to Midnight Mass or help with the wrapping while sipping mulled wine by the fire (even the thought of this makes me shudder). Enter this post, where we’re sharing some of…

Christmas Decorations

The Naughty and Nice Year Glass from the Christmas Imaginarium

Every now and again someone comes along and makes a huge impact on how we Celebrate Christmas. Be it Clement Clarke Moore (allegedly) or Normal Rockwell . For my money, this generation can count on Russell Ince to leave his mark on the way we think of Christmas, and in particular, Santa Claus. Santa Claus, The Book of Secrets Published originally in 2013, Russell's Ince's Santa Claus the Book of Secrets has sparked an empire of sorts, including the opening of his very own store on the Isle of Wight called The Christmas Imaginarium. Within it, you'll find a host of unique…