Every now and again someone comes along and makes a huge impact on how we Celebrate Christmas. Be it Clement Clarke Moore (allegedly) or Normal Rockwell . For my money, this generation can count on Russell Ince to leave his mark on the way we think of Christmas, and in particular, Santa Claus.

Santa Claus, The Book of Secrets

Published originally in 2013, Russell’s Ince’s Santa Claus the Book of Secrets has sparked an empire of sorts, including the opening of his very own store on the Isle of Wight called The Christmas Imaginarium. Within it, you’ll find a host of unique products, some of which he designs himself, and others that fit within the vintage, nostalgic style that he has become known for.

One of the newer pieces inspired by a chapter within The Book of Secrets is the Naughty & Nice Year Glass, which finally helps answer the age-old question;

How Does Santa Keep Track of Naughty and Nice Children?

According to the Book of Secrets, whenever a child is born, the elves make a magical  Year Glass (similar to an hourglass) which shifts the sands from one side to the other depending on how the children behave. Now, obviously Elf magic doesn’t work outside the North Pole, but you can now get a copy of your very own Naughty and Nice Year Glass, to keep in your home to help Santa track.


We were sent a Book of Secrets and Year Glass set to review, and can honestly say it’s one of the most wonderful pieces of Christmas memorabilia that I’ve ever laid eyes on.

The set comes with the iconic book (although there are options with all of Russell’s Books), and the Year Glass. Both of which are impeccably designed with every detail in mind.

The Hourglass itself is very well made, there are gold painted embellishments, as well as the labels on each side, Naughty and Nice. On the ends are metalic stamps ‘Authentic Elfmade Product’ which just goes to show the care of detail going into this.

It’s made for children (of all ages) to spark their wonder about the fascinating mystery surrounding Santa Claus, and Christmas. To have a tangible connection to him, and to the greater Christmas mythology. This is something that you can keep out Year-Round as a reminder of the festive season, or just pack it away to bring out during whenever you start celebrating that holidays.

As mentioned before, the Naughty and Nice Year-Glass is available online at Russell Ince’s Christmas Imaginarium in several sets, or on its own. I highly recommend picking one up, and promise it will become one of your most favourite Christmas items, and cherished for years to come.