Christmas Traditions

Outdoor Christmas activities for 1yr Olds

Guest Post by Thia of It’s that time of year where the parents among us are frantically trying to find ways to entertain our young children and get them excited for Christmas. At least I am, a total Christmas lover and my son must love Christmas as much as me! If your children love being outdoors like my son, I had a think about what sorts of activities he would enjoy & ones we could all enjoy as a family. Bundle those little munchkins up and take them outside for lots of fun! Here are a couple of outdoor Christmas…


Easter Traditions and Activities

Now that Easter is over, and the kids are back in school, my whole week has been about having conversations with other parents about 'What we did for Easter'. Here in the UK, children get at least two whole weeks off for Easter so there's absolutely a huge amount of time to fill with activities. Sometimes it can be a little daunting so I asked around to other parents on how they fill this time, and I'm happy to share this list of Easter Traditions and Activities and hopefully you can find it helpful in filling all the time off.…