DIY Christmas Decor

Nothing’s better than DIY Christmas Decorations. Part of the charm of Christmas is being able to make your own Christmas Decor, so we want to bring you all the best DIY Christmas Decor ideas for your home in one place.

DIY Christmas Decorations

Weather you want to make your own decorations for your home, or spend time with family and friends, we have some wonderful DIY Christmas Home Decor ideas int he following pages. There are lots of styles to suit your personal tastes.

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Some of the most treasured Christmas ornaments are the homemade Christmas ornaments, whether you’re looking for easy Kid-Friendly DIY Christmas Ornaments or other homemade ornaments for yourself, check below for lots of really great DIY Christmas Ornament ideas.

The Best DIY Christmas Decor Ideas from All Things Christmas

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Christmas Crafts

Handmade Felt Christmas Decorations

Looking for a quick and easy Christmas crafting idea? These felt decorations are simple and affordable to make and you only need a few things to get started! The best thing about these is that they are so versatile, they make great gifts or of course you can make them to decorate your home or Christmas tree! All it takes is a handful of items and SIX simple steps! What you need (per ornament): Felt (approx A5 size) Scissors Pins Needle and thread Stuffing Buttons, ribbon, other decorative elements Ribbon Paper (the same size as your felt and a pen/pencil…

Christmas Home Decor

My Favourite DIY Christmas Quotes Signs

When decorating for the holidays, you can often overlook some creative outdoor and indoor options for decorating your home (or business!) - so I spent some time on Pinterest recently looking up some of my favourite DIY sign ideas that make a super great (and EASY) decoration idea. Personally, I have a mini marquee that I use on occasion, especially around the holidays. Here are a few other super creative ideas on working signs and displays into your decor for Christmas.   Marquee Lightbox Sign Lightbox signs are all the rage right now - and their monochrome design means they…

Christmas Crafts

Easy Pumpkin Craft Ideas

If you're not tired of all Things Pumpkin yet, here are some Easy Pumpkin Craft ideas for kids and adults to enjoy. There are some unique ways to decorate your pumpkins for Halloween, but also a few that would also look good in the winter, closer to Christmas. Confetti Pumpkins These are great as a October Party decoration, for Halloween or even Christmas if you use Red/Green/Gold/Silver tissues. Super easy and fun to do with kids, get the full instructions on Cloudy Day Gray. Supplies for this Craft Yarn Pumpkins These are super-adorable, easy to make, and the idea can…

Christmas Crafts

Easy Pine Cone Christmas Craft Ideas

As we just get into fall, and enjoying the new season, I thought you'd enjoy some easy Pine cone Craft ideas, some of which are perfect for Thanksgiving, while others can be saved for closer to Christmas. Some of these pine cone craft projects are perfect crafts for kids over the holidays, and a great way to spend time together, or keep young ones busy during family get-togethers. Have a look at our absolutely favourite DIY pine cone craft inspiration and decorations below! Easy Pine Cone Crafts Pine Cone Star This simple yet super-elegant Pine Cone Star can be made…