When decorating for the holidays, you can often overlook some creative outdoor and indoor options for decorating your home (or business!) – so I spent some time on Pinterest recently looking up some of my favourite DIY sign ideas that make a super great (and EASY) decoration idea.

Personally, I have a mini marquee that I use on occasion, especially around the holidays. Here are a few other super creative ideas on working signs and displays into your decor for Christmas.


Marquee Lightbox Sign

Lightbox signs are all the rage right now – and their monochrome design means they work with almost any decor theme. You could go with a tiny, medium or even full-sized version – and get a variety of replaceable letters and symbols to spruce up your quotes!

Peg Board Sign

This one is very nostalgic for me – I think this quote sign would be perfect for teachers at schools, or (since it’s so popular anyway) at some hipster coffee shop. These signs are also great for making Hot Chocolate Bars, or for really any Instagram posts.

LED Marker Sign

I think this is the most Creative DIY Christmas Sign option. It’s like a Chalk Board had a baby with a neon sign. You can get all sort of LED markers for your sign – and obviously can be used for Halloween, or Birthday Parties. Pretty modern idea if you ask me.

Classic Chalk Board Sign

Probably the most traditional DIY sign, seems like just about everyone nowadays has their own Chalkboard (I don’t)… there are lots of inspiring designs online, you can use stencils or even paints to decorate your chalkboard any way you like. Especially great for rustic designs/decor.

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