As we just get into fall, and enjoying the new season, I thought you’d enjoy some easy Pine cone Craft ideas, some of which are perfect for Thanksgiving, while others can be saved for closer to Christmas. Some of these pine cone craft projects are perfect crafts for kids over the holidays, and a great way to spend time together, or keep young ones busy during family get-togethers. Have a look at our absolutely favourite DIY pine cone craft inspiration and decorations below!

Easy Pine Cone Crafts

Pine Cone Star

Best Pien Cone Crafts - Large Pine Cone Star

This simple yet super-elegant Pine Cone Star can be made in under an hour with the right supplies.
Get more photos and instructions from Ella Claire Inspired (via The Wicker House).

Supplies for this Craft
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Pine Cone Kissing Ball

Best Pine Cone Crafts - Kissing Ball

The absolute perfect example of a dual-usage decor item – something you can make in early fall, and enjoy all the way through to Christmas. Get the instructions from ConsumerCrafts.

Supplies for this Craft
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DIY Painted Pine Cones

Easy Christmas Crafts - Pine Cone Crafts

Here’s a pine cone craft that couldn’t be easier – you don’t even need to buy the pine cones if you can find them around your neighbourhood. Have a look at the instructions over at TwoSistersCrafting.

Simple Pine Cone Garland

Easy Christmas Crafts - Best Pine Cone Crafts

Dip your own pine cones, or buy pre-dipped ones. Grab some yarn and a hot-glue gun, and you’ve got this super-easy (and fun to do with kids) pine cone craft that is modern and festive for autumn and winter! See more photos on HGTV. This garland also looks fantastic as a Christmas Tree Decoration!


Pine Cone Gnomes

Easy Christmas Crafts - Pine Cone Crafts

These adorable little ornaments are so Scandinavian and very festive. Use them as decoration on a garland or tree – the winter theme will last long past Christmas. Check out the instructions on Better Homes & Gardens.

Supplies for this Craft
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Snowy Pine Cone Garland

Easy Christmas Crafts - Pine Cone Crafts

If you’re looking for something a little bit more involved than a simple garland, have a look at this. Another take on a pine cone garland, but frosted up with some fake snow and a fancy ribbon. This the instructions are available on this website, and lots more gorgeous pictures are also available.

Waterless Snowgobes

Easy Christmas Crafts - Pine Cone Crafts

This is a super-fun Christmas Craft to do with kids, and it’s not nearly as messy (or potentially messy) as traditional snowglobes. Have a look at the instructions from LittleHiccups, and try it out with other items inside (not just Pine cones!)

Supplies for this Craft
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Pine Cone Reindeer Ornaments

Easy Christmas Crafts - Best Pine Cone Crafts

I remember making these little guys when I was a kiddo, I don’t think that pipe cleaners will ever go out of style for Christmas crafts (They’re just too perfect for antlers!). Get the full instructions and lots more pics of these cute little guys on Kids Craft Room.

Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Easy Christmas Crafts - Pine Cone Crafts

There are lots of tutorials for Pine Cone Crafts to make Christmas Trees – believe me, I spent HOURS looking for the best one, and this is it. I LOVE these perfectly painted and blinged-up trees from Elementary Art Fun. My four-year-old will LOVE making these, but we might wait closer to Christmas (maybe…).

Supplies for this Craft
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