Guest Post by Sam of Dove Cottage

Looking for a fun craft to get you in the festive spirit? Want to get your home Christmas-ready on a tight budget? Well you’ve come to the right place, because I’ve got the perfect post for you! The ultimate Christmas craft that cannot fail to get you feeling festive: drying your own orange slices. I usually do this a couple of times in the run up to Christmas, and it’s so much easier than you think. Not only does it give you a beautiful decoration for literally pennies, it’ll fill your kitchen with the most amazing Christmas scent. 

You will need: 

Citrus fruit

Sharp knife

Baking tray

How to dry the orange slices: 

Slice up your oranges into thin slices – the thinner the better. Thicker slices will need longer to dry out, and you run the risk of them going mouldy if any juices are left. You don’t just have to stick to oranges either – any citrus fruit will work, so why not add in some limes, lemons or even grapefruits for a pop of colour. 

Once you’ve chopped up your fruit, place the slices on a baking tray and pop into the oven on a low heat. I usually stick to around 120 degrees (gas mark 1/2) Bake for around 2-3 hours, but keep a really close eye on them, as all ovens are different and they can burn really easily. Once they’ve been in the oven for two hours I tend to check on them every few minutes, and judge by sight when they’re done. If they still feel juicy then they need a bit longer. 

Once the slices are completely dried out remove from the oven and leave to cool. I usually leave them overnight. And that’s it you’re all done! 

Now onto the fun bit: styling them around your home! 


Ways to decorate your home with them

The possibilities are endless with these – create a beautiful centrepiece for your dining table by displaying the slices in a hurricane vase. Pop in some pinecones and a pillar candle to make a festive feature. Alternatively, you could string them up into a Christmas garland using some embroidery thread, or even add some slices to a door wreath. 

I usually make my favourite ginger sponge cake just before Christmas too (perfect if you’re not a fan of fruit cake like me!), which I top with a few dried orange slices, cranberries and some sprigs of rosemary. Perfect for a show-stopping cake for your Christmas get-togethers. 

See that was quick and easy wasn’t it?! A quick, cheap way of making your own Christmas decorations.

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About the Author

I’m Sam, and I blog about interiors and DIY and on Instagram: @dove_cottage.

I believe anywhere can be a home if you fill it with things you love. Just because you’re not in your ‘forever home’, doesn’t mean you can’t live in beautiful surroundings! I share tips on how to DIY your way to your dream home – all on a tight budget.