Christmas is without any doubt one of the best annual holidays. Nothing beats the quality time spent with your family and friends while decorating the Christmas tree and enjoying a nice lunch cooked with a lot of love. The Christmas spirit has infiltrated everywhere, even in places you would never think of. 

Adults are always feeling festive and happy. They are always feeling like luck is on their side, so they usually end up doing something silly. An interesting piece of information that came to our attention is connected to their aforementioned luck. Basically, during Christmas, various sites connected to lucky winnings, like online casinos, are always reporting a spike in visitors on their sites. They probably think that if they have a chance to win something, Christmas is the right time. If you are feeling  lucky, you can check out this casino and play some of their Christmas-themed games. Like we said earlier, the Christmas spirit infiltrates everywhere, even in places you would never even imagine.

Now, let’s leave turn our attention to the kids. Children are always festive and happy during Christmas. They receive numerous gifts and nice meals and Christmas time means quality movie time. With that spirit, we decided to give you a list of our top 3 Christmas movies for the kids. These movies are constantly on different TV channels in this period and we can’t even imagine the holiday without watching at least one.

The Grinch

There are two movies connected to The Grinch. The original one was from 2000 and it is named How the Grinch Stole Christmas, with Jim Carry in the leading role. The newer version is the animated movie from 2018 by the name The Grinch. Both of these movies are based on the 1957 book by Dr. Seuss called by the same name as the movie starring Jim Carrey. The focus is on a devious green creature who hates Christmas. To add to that, nobody in his surroundings likes him.

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The Polar Express

The Polar Express is one of the most famous Christmas movies that is based on Chris Van Allsburg’s book of the same name. The movie takes place in Grand Rapids, Michigan where a boy who firmly believes that Santa Claus does not exist, sees a steam locomotive on the street after not being able to fall asleep. The train is headed towards the North Pole and the boy jumps in and joins the ride. In this animated movie, Tom Hanks and Michael Jeter have the leading roles.

Home Alone

The undisputed king in the Christmas movie section. There is not a single soul on Earth that hasn’t watched at least one part of the Home Alone franchise. The original two movies are focused on the McCallister family who is preparing for a Christmas in Paris but sadly forgets their youngest son at home. The boy is left alone while a group of thieves tries to break into their house. Using cunning traps, the boy is keeping the thieves out of the property until the family gets back. There are some talks that Disney is preparing a remake of the movie.