I was at Primark this week and I was amazed at just how many products they had (way more than just the ones on their website) about Dr. Seuss’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Maybe it’s because of the animated upcoming movie (coming next year), but it seemed that that old green fella is having a revival in popularity right now. So I thought I’d see what else there is – and maybe give some tips on grinch gift ideas for the Grinch lover in your life!

For Baby Grinches

There’s no lack of clothes, pjs and onsies.

But it doesn’t end there, baby toys, stuffies and more!

For Kiddo Grinches

If your not-quite-a-baby anymore is Grinch Obsessed, you’ll find a lot of really cool grinch gift ideas for them too – check out these toys and games.

For the Who-Family

Weither you want a festive night in, or just want to relax, you could get the movie(s), or the game – it’s up to you. Great for Christmas Eve or New years Day.

There’s also a series of Funko Pop figures that your Grinch-Loving friend might like!

There’s also a few cozy grinch gift ideas for the Mom & Dad on your list that just LOVE the Grinch.

Grinch-Loving Christmas Nuts

If you know someone that’s really that obsessed with The Grinch – then odds are that they’re just sort of crazy for Christmas in General. Here’s my quick list of Christmas Ornaments/Decorations that are just up their alley.

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Grinch Gift Ideas