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Christmas is a magical time of the year for many people. It could be that it is your first Christmas together as a couple or that it is the first time that you are spending Christmas in your own home. Whatever your circumstances the chances are that you will want to spend it with loved ones, friends or families. Unfortunately not everyone is in that situation. For many Christmas can be a lonely time sadly and this year could be difficult for many. Depending where you are in the world you may find your Christmas celebrations curtailed by social distancing…

Top Three Christmas Movies For Kids

Christmas is without any doubt one of the best annual holidays. Nothing beats the quality time spent with your family and friends while decorating the Christmas tree and enjoying a nice lunch cooked with a lot of love. The Christmas spirit has infiltrated everywhere, even in places you would never think of.  Adults are always feeling festive and happy. They are always feeling like luck is on their side, so they usually end up doing something silly. An interesting piece of information that came to our attention is connected to their aforementioned luck. Basically, during Christmas, various sites connected to…

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Christmas Gifts for Grinch Lovers

I was at Primark this week and I was amazed at just how many products they had (way more than just the ones on their website) about Dr. Seuss's How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Maybe it's because of the animated upcoming movie (coming next year), but it seemed that that old green fella is having a revival in popularity right now. So I thought I'd see what else there is - and maybe give some tips on grinch gift ideas for the Grinch lover in your life! For Baby Grinches There's no lack of clothes, pjs and onsies. But it…

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Best Animated Christmas Movies for Kids

Watching Animated Christmas Movies is a tradition that we can share with the whole family, and some of the best kids movies are based on holiday themes. Please see our list below of the absolute best Christmas Movies for kids. Arthur Christmas By far, one of the best newer Animated Christmas Films from the last decade, and a favourite to watch every single year. Arthur Christmas is about lovable goofball son-of-santa Arthur who does his best to 'Save Christmas' when a child's present gets missed. Not only does it offer a festive feel-good story, it also has a fantastic, realistic…