Christmas is a magical time of the year for many people. It could be that it is your first Christmas together as a couple or that it is the first time that you are spending Christmas in your own home. Whatever your circumstances the chances are that you will want to spend it with loved ones, friends or families. Unfortunately not everyone is in that situation. For many Christmas can be a lonely time sadly and this year could be difficult for many.

Depending where you are in the world you may find your Christmas celebrations curtailed by social distancing and other Covid related problems. There may be restrictions on travel or how many people from different households can gather together. One thing is for sure though, some fun and entertainment will be appreciated.

Here are a few of the best movies and a couple of other ideas that you can keep yourself and/or others entertained with over the holidays. 

Hollywood Christmas Movies

The holidays have provided a rich source of material for Christmas movies over the years. Whether they be comedies, classic Charles Dickens tales or movies with a more adult theme there are plenty to choose from. Here are some of the best. 

Home Alone

Maybe the biggest movie release tied to the Christmas season. This movie tells the tale of Kevin McCallister who is accidentally left at home when the family fly off to France for the holidays. Kevin, who has wished for his family to disappear, wakes up to find the house empty and believes he is responsible. The house is then targeted by two hapless burglars who are intent on robbing all the empty houses in the area. They don’t count on Kevin though who continually outwits the duo with hilarious results. This movie is fit for all the family and genuinely has laugh out loud moments. 

Wizard of Oz

Although this is not directly a Christmas movie it seems to appear on TV listings during the holidays very regularly and is a classic movie for all the family. If you have little ones that have never seen it then what better time than the holidays to introduce them to the scarecrow, tinman and the cowardly lion? Although the witches and the winged monkeys might be scary for very small children. 

Muppets Christmas Carol

The Muppets have endured over decades and children who grew up watching the Muppet Show now have their own children who in turn have their own children. All these generations can continue enjoying these wonderful creations that have been around since 1955.

A Christmas Carol is based on the classic Charles Dickens tale and features all the regular Muppets as characters from the original story. An easy way for your children to be introduced to this tale of Christmas and enjoy the Muppets at the same time. 

It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s a Wonderful Life is a classic movie that remains relevant decades later. initially released in 1946 this James Stewart movie is about a man who is thinking of ending it all on Christmas. Clarence is an angel in heaven and he hears George’s cry for help and realises if he saves George he will earn his wings. It is an uplifting tale of hope and realising that all is never truly lost. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas & Gremlins

If you have older children then they might prefer something slightly darker while still being family entertainment. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Tim Burton animated movie with his usual dark style. Jack Skellington lives in Halloweentown and has become bored of scaring people there. Then he discovers Christmastown which he didn’t realise existed and decides that he has a new arena to play in. There he hatches a plan to kidnap Santa Claus but things don’t quite go to plan.

Gremlins is a comedy/horror movie from the mid 1980s. A father is looking for an unusual present for his son when he comes across a creature called a Mogwai in Chinatown. The owner refuses to sell it but reluctantly agrees after spelling out important rules; don’t get it wet, avoid bright lights and never, ever feed it after midnight. As you might have guessed the inevitable happens along with its consequences. Pretty soon the town is being overrun by Gremlins on Christmas Eve.

Bad Santa

This one is strictly for the parents and much older teens. R Rated for a variety of reasons it does however contain a lot of humour and a hope of redemption for the antagonist. It stars Billy Bob Thornton as a foul mouthed Santa intent on robbing the store he works for. 

Streaming services

If you can’t get hold of DVDs to watch then consider getting a streaming service subscription. You could sign up for Netflix and Disney+ for a month over the holidays and then cancel after. Then you will have access to a huge range of TV shows, cartoons and movies for all the family. 

Online gaming and casinos

For the youngsters there are plenty of games in the Google Play Store that can be downloaded for free and for adults there are plenty of other options. You could play slots kingdom or join in a blackjack game online. If you are home alone and missing getting out to casinos or bookmakers then you can sign up for an online casino or join in a poker tournament. 

Board games

If you can’t get out because of travel restrictions then you can use Amazon to get your entertainment delivered. If you are home with your family then you can use this time to play together and board games at Christmas are great for this. Classic games like Pictionary, Operation and Mousetrap can be enjoyed by a range of age groups. 


Whatever your circumstances are this Christmas there are entertainment options out there for single folks who want to play in a live casino or families that want to gather round the TV to watch comedies and heart warming movies or play games together.