Christmas Decorations

Best Summer Wreath Ideas

Everyone seemed to like our Summer Christmas Trees article so much I thought I'd put together another one for these amazing Summer Wreath Ideas. Yes, I know that wreaths aren't really just a Christmas Thing, in fact, I can't wait to show off some that I've seen for autumn but, one season at a time. For those who love decorating for the holidays, here is how you can get your fix before winter! First, let's go over a few wreaths that you can pick up on Etsy from some amazing crafters and artists. Dried Flower Wreaths These Dried Flower Wreaths from…

Christmas Traditions

5 Ways to Start Christmas Preparations in August

It's never too early to start your Christmas preparations. In fact, really clever Christmas elves start shopping in January, when all the decorations, lights, and gifts are heavily discounted. But in case you missed that window, the perfect moment to start is now! August kicks off our first in a series of infographics and articles aimed at helping you prepare for Christmas. Each month we'll offer a free printable tool, usually a checklist, planner or another helpful item to help you with your Christmas preparations from now until December. Here are our Five Ways to start Christmas Preparations in August,…