7 Most Popular Flowers for Mom on Mother’s Day in 2020

Mother’s Day has become a time-honored tradition in America dating back to 1906. It was created by Anna Jarvis to celebrate motherhood. Though everyone’s Mother’s Day traditions vary a little it has always been customary to give mom gifts such as flowers on her special day. With Spring in the air and so many flowers blooming, Mother’s Day is the perfect day to send your mother a thoughtful bouquet. Continue reading to learn the seven most popular flowers for mom on Mother’s Day in 2020. Choosing Flowers for Mom Most people just choose flowers based on how they look and…

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A Beautiful Bouquet for World Smile Day

Did you know that today is World Smile Day? Also known as National Smile Day, or International Smile Day, founded by the creator of the original Happy Face. One of the easiest ways to put a smile on somebody's face is to send them a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. I know I'm beaming after I was gifted a wonderful premium flower bouquet this week from Prestige Flowers. It seems that it's one of their featured favourites as it's linked to strait on their homepage, and called the Orion. There are lots of ways to cheer someone up, and make their day…

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Flowers from The Real Flower Company

If there's one thing about Christmas that is different for me than any other time of year, its the idea of bringing the outdoors inside. Perhaps it's something about the cold dark days that makes us crave nature, but between Christmas Trees, wreaths, garlands and other greenery. With this in mind, the the real flower company has created a range of limited edition seasonal bouquets, wreaths and centre pieces that are just the perfect way to celebrate the season with flowers.   I was gifted this stunning bouquet to review and honestly I couldn't have been more pleased. I mean,…

Christmas Decorations

Best Summer Wreath Ideas

Everyone seemed to like our Summer Christmas Trees article so much I thought I'd put together another one for these amazing Summer Wreath Ideas. Yes, I know that wreaths aren't really just a Christmas Thing, in fact, I can't wait to show off some that I've seen for autumn but, one season at a time. For those who love decorating for the holidays, here is how you can get your fix before winter! First, let's go over a few wreaths that you can pick up on Etsy from some amazing crafters and artists. Dried Flower Wreaths These Dried Flower Wreaths from…