With Christmas around the corner, communities are in full swing preparing for this joyous celebration. But there are those who don’t necessarily want to spend their holiday season indoors with the eggnog and ginger snaps. They prefer to spend their holidays hunting for the perfect shot of the elusive snow owl or snowshoeing to reindeer camps in Alaska.

For the adventurous type, the typical soap-on-a-rope might not cut it as a Christmas stocking filler. Try these quirky gadgets instead.

Make the Most Out of Those Starry Nights

There are a few things that make Christmas in the northern hemisphere absolutely stunning and winter is just one of them. Those wintery nights are often the perfect canvas for an endless array of stars and the perfect outdoors trip has to include some stargazing. As one of the 50 Best Tech Gifts for 2017, a scope that reveals all the constellations is simply a must. It also happens to be a great gadget for the rest of the year as well as those who like to rough it out can use it for navigational purposes as well.

Tips for Outdoorsy Types This Christmas

Tis the Season to Be Freezing

Camping and outdoor activities over the holidays are usually a cozy affair thanks to fireplaces, hot chocolate, and mittens. But for those who require an extra layer of insulation, nothing says it better than a cost-effective and multi-use pocket blanket that can easily be transported between camping sites. Lightweight and durable are two of the major requirements for a successful outdoor experience, and this handy gift covers both.

A Delectable Christmas Feast

There are the outdoorsy types who prefer to include the hunt for their Christmas feast into the holiday celebrations, especially when finding the elusive turkey. There are a number of great high-tech hunting gifts that will have them chomping at the bit for their next hunt. Some of the favorites include a wind detector which will alert hunters of the direction of the wind, which allows them to adjust their position accordingly. Another is an odorless bug repellant which can easily be used at home as well.

Nothing says that you appreciate the outdoorsy person in your life more than acknowledging their pastimes with a suitable gift. There are a number of ways to work those gifts in there without breaking the bank, thanks to innovative and cost-effective design. Those who are really stumped for ideas can always go for thermal clothing and flasks to keep the winter chill at bay this Christmas.