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Puppy Love: The 13 Best Christmas Gifts to Get Your Dog This Christmas

Your pooch is an important part of the family, and he's probably your best pal, too. When it comes to the holidays, getting your dog a gift is a sweet way to show your furry friend just how much you care. Before you get a gift for your dog, you should see if there are group activities for your dog since the Christmas spirit brings dogs and their owners all together so you and your dog could make new friends! If you're not sure where to begin this holiday season, check out this list of the 13 best Christmas gifts…


Useful and Practical Holiday Gifts That No One Would Think To Buy For Themselves

Practical gifts; possibly one of the most underrated gift categories? Getting a practical gift for someone for the holidays can seem a little dull on the surface, but when it is something that you know they are going to use, and is something that you know they are unlikely to treat themselves to, makes for a winning gift. Giving a practical and useful gift is all about something that will get used, rather than just sitting on a shelf (or re-gifted when you’re not looking). It is all about giving a gift that the recipient didn't know they needed. Plus,…


Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide for 2019

For those of you not in the UK you might not know that Mother's Day falls on Sunday 31st of March (as opposed to May, in North America). With it fast approaching you might be feeling unprepared. But, there is still time to secure that perfect gift — check out our Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide to find the best presents to buy for the occasion this year. Keepsakes and Jewellery Gifts Instead of the usual Flowers and Chocolates, why not get something for your mum that lasts a bit longer, something she can keep and cherish. If you know the…

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Perfect gifts for Health and Fitness enthusiasts

You may have some friends or family members who love looking after their health, love cooking healthy meals and keeping active to stay healthy. If you don’t share the same passion it may not be all that easy to find that perfect gift for them for Christmas but don’t worry, there are many suitable gifts to choose from. In this post, I list some of the best gifts you can give to somebody whose health is a number one in their life. Fitness tracker or a wellness band If your friend or a loved one doesn’t have a fitness tracker,…