Your pooch is an important part of the family, and he’s probably your best pal, too.

When it comes to the holidays, getting your dog a gift is a sweet way to show your furry friend just how much you care. Before you get a gift for your dog, you should see if there are group activities for your dog since the Christmas spirit brings dogs and their owners all together so you and your dog could make new friends!

If you’re not sure where to begin this holiday season, check out this list of the 13 best Christmas gifts for dogs so you can celebrate the holidays with your beloved pooch in style.

1. Interactive Toys

Dog toys are a popular choice for many pet owners during the holiday season. An interactive toy encourages physical play, mental stimulation, and interaction.

Look for toys that move and light up to give your dog something unique this Christmas. Toys that you can fill with treats are a great way to keep your pooch entertained, and they get the reward of the treat once they discover how to get inside. Interactive toys are tons of fun and will help your dog learn and practice behavioral tactics too.

2. Fetching Accessories

By their very natures, dogs love to run and fetch items. From frisbees to tennis balls, fetching toys will keep your pooch happy and active throughout the season.

Look for toys your dog will not only love to fetch but that he’ll also love to chew on. Many brands feature nontoxic, dishwasher-safe material and can even float in the pool. These multi-purpose toys make playtime tons of fun for your dog and for you!

3. CBD Chews

CBD isn’t just for humans, in fact, it’s also found in a variety of pet products, and there are many types of CBD oil for dogs. Dog CBD chews will keep your dog happy and healthy while assisting to relieve problems like joint pain and problems with mobility.

The best CDB dog chew is a great gift for senior dogs since it helps them stay active and happy. These yummy chews are specially formulated for canines and make a wonderful gift you can add to their Christmas stocking. Feel free to give these chews to dogs of all ages but if you have any questions, check with your vet first.

4. Rope Toys

When it comes to fun Christmas gifts for dogs, nothing says amusement like a classic tug of war. Rope toys encourage natural play instincts and help you create a bond with your pooch.

Make sure you choose a rope toy made of quality material that won’t fray or break after just a few tugs. These rope toys should also include a handle on the ends to give you a firm grip as your dog pulls on the other end. Store rope toys away from your dog when you’re done playing so they don’t fray and cause a potential choke hazard.

5. Give the Gift of a Cuddly New Bed

Christmas is the perfect time of year to gift your dog a brand new bed. Dog beds come in all sizes, materials, and colors so find one that will be roomy enough to accommodate your furry friend.

Modern dog beds are made of all kinds of things including soft and comfy, memory foam, and more. Choose a bed that will give your dog a comfortable place to sleep throughout the cold winter months. Furry covers and soft padding will make the bed a place he’ll love to snooze all year round.

6. Try out a Stylish Christmas Collar

A nice new collar is a perfect way for you and your pooch to celebrate the holiday season. There are tons of adorable collar designs to choose from that feature an array of seasonal designs.

Try a collar with a red bow tie to give your dog an adorable look. Collars made with Santa Claus, candy canes, and other patterns are a fun choice for Christmas time. The new collar should be comfortable and durable, so make sure you give your dog something made of decent quality materials.

7. Get Fido a Treat-Tossing Camera

If you really want to try your hand at a unique Christmas gift for your dog this season, get him a camera that tosses out treats. This new technology features wireless connectivity so you can view your dog even when you’re away from home.

You can remotely control the camera to throw your dog a treat whenever he responds to commands. It’s a great way to practice continuous training and to let your dog know he’s loved, even when you aren’t at home. This unique gift is also a good choice for dogs that have separation anxiety issues.

8. Plush Toys Always Please Your Pooch

A lot of dogs have a favorite plush toy, but tons of playtime can cause those plushies to get completely destroyed. Make your dog’s Christmas special by gifting him a brand-new plush toy this season.

From ducks and hedgehogs to cartoon characters, there’s no shortage of plush options for dogs out there. Buy him one with a squeaker inside to make playtime even more fun. A new plush toy is an awesome gift for dogs, and it’s also a sweet gesture to give to someone else’s dog at Christmas.

9. Stocking Christmas Gifts for Dogs

For an easy gift this season, look for holiday stockings that are already filled with a variety of small gifts. These stuffed stockings are a festive option that makes celebrating the season with your dog a ton of fun.

Dog gift stockings can be filled with all kinds of goodies ranging from small toys to delicious chews and treats. You can find most dog stockings at local pet stores or you can purchase them online. Make sure the stocking you choose is filled with all kinds of things you know your dog will love.

10. A New Water or Food Bowl Is Just the Ticket

This holiday season, give your pooch and upgraded food or water bowl. Try a dog water fountain that keeps his water constantly running so it stays fresher longer.

An automated feeder is another wonderful option for dogs and pet owners alike. These feeders are great for pet parents who are always on the go and are worried about making sure their dog is getting enough food throughout the day. New water and food bowl choices are great for the holidays, and they’re something every dog (and dog owner) will appreciate.

11. Teething Toys

If you’re a new puppy parent, you already know how much your little pooch loves to chew. This holiday, give your dog a teething toy that will encourage him to chew on the toy instead of your furniture and shoes.

Look for teething toys specially made for puppies that encourage healthy habits and teeth growth. These toys are fun to use and they will keep your puppy interested and focused. It’s a great gift, and it’s also a smart way to train new dogs and distract them from wanting to chew on your furniture and other household items.

12. Give Bully Sticks for a Nutritious Treat

In the world of chewable treats, bully sticks are becoming a popular option for many pet owners. These slender sticks are packed with protein and nutrients, so they’re also a healthy alternative to other types of treats.

When you look for bully sticks, make sure they’re made of safe and healthy all-natural ingredients. You also want to be sure the sticks won’t break up into shards and cause your dog to get hurt when he chews. A quality bully stick is a good way to supplement your dog’s diet while giving him a fun way to chew and play on his own.

13. Give the Gift of Grooming

Dogs need to be groomed on a regular basis to minimize shedding and overgrowth. When it comes to Christmas gifts for dogs, you can buy new grooming tools or treat your dog to a day at the spa.

Grooming is an essential part of good pet care, so you should replace combs and brushes on a regular basis. A new set of grooming tools is a wonderful gift that will make your dog a happy pooch. You can also send your dog away to a day at the doggie spa where he can enjoy a fresh shampoo and cut.

Celebrate the Holidays with Your Dog

Once you know about some of the best Christmas gifts for dogs, it’s easy to find the perfect item that will make your pooch happy this holiday season. Whether your dog loves to chew toys or needs a new bed, the possibilities for great gifts are endless.

Look for healthy options like CBD chews and fun interactive toys to keep your dog active. A new water bowl and grooming tools are practical gifts that you’ll appreciate, too.

Be sure to visit our website for all things Christmas so you can get into the holiday spirit and celebrate the season with joy.

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