You may have some friends or family members who love looking after their health, love cooking healthy meals and keeping active to stay healthy. If you don’t share the same passion it may not be all that easy to find that perfect gift for them for Christmas but don’t worry, there are many suitable gifts to choose from. In this post, I list some of the best gifts you can give to somebody whose health is a number one in their life.

Fitness tracker or a wellness band

If your friend or a loved one doesn’t have a fitness tracker, this is a perfect gift for them. With the fitness tracker, they will be able to monitor their health and the activities they do daily. These wearable devices are great for keeping them motivated when they exercise and helping them to reach the heart rate they need to burn fat.

Some of the most popular fitness trackers are Fitbits but you could go for even more advanced fitness band which also automatically counts calories and reminds you to drink water. Healbe GoBe 2 is the only one on the market that does just that.

Healthy recipes cookbook

A healthy food enthusiast doesn’t love more than preparing healthy meals and experiment with their food, therefore a new cookbook full of delicious and healthy recipes is always welcome in their life.

You could, for example, get them the latest Deliciously Ella book or choose other books promoting healthy eating such as the ‘The How Not To Die Cookbook’ by Dr Michael Greger or ‘The Food Medic’ by Dr Hazel Wallace. Ideally, choose the books written by doctors or those people who studied nutrition and have some qualification.

Yoga gifts

Yoga is really popular these days and if you know a yoga enthusiast, a yoga-related gift is a great idea. You could get them things like a personalised yoga mat (with their initials on) or a yoga top with an inspirational quote. You can also buy gifts that you cannot go wrong with such as a tea mug with a motivational slogan, some luxurious candles or a framed wall art featuring an inspiring quote.

Green tea gift set

If somebody that you know loves to stay healthy and keep fit, it’s quite likely they are a fan of green tea and drink it for its health benefits. In that case, they will love a green tea gift set. Go for a selection of green teas in pretty caddies and get those together with a tea infuser and they will be happy.

Health magazine subscription

Health enthusiasts love reading health articles and learning new things about nutrition and healthy living in general so a health magazine subscription would definitely be a lovely gift for them. If they like natural living as well, Natural Health magazine would be great for them but also Top Sante and Women’s Health are worth considering.

Water filtering jug

For those who already use Brita filter, maybe it’s time to upgrade to a better option which filters out more contaminants? ZeroWater jug is the one to go for in this case. This filter is much better than Brita’s as it also gets rid of Chlorine and Fluoride and even asbestos (this may come from some old water pipes). ZeroWater® filters remove virtually all (99.6%) of the detectable dissolved solids while leading brands remove only up to 50%.

Non-toxic water bottle

If your loved one or a friend doesn’t have a reusable water bottle which is not toxic and doesn’t leach harmful chemicals into the water, then this is a perfect gift which would come really handy during those workouts or when on the go. Go for a leak-proof water bottle made of stainless steel such as Ion8 Leak Proof Steel Water Bottle. The benefit of this type of water bottle is not only that it’s plastic-free, but also, it keeps your drinks cold or hot, depending on your preference.

A blender or a food processor

Finally, if your budget can stretch out quite a bit, a popular food processor or a blender would be an amazing gift, especially if the person in question loves cooking. If possible go for two in one food processor which has a blender attachment (and some other extensions), to make sure it’s multifunctional and can be used for all kind of food preparation and cooking. Consider buying Kenwood FDP301SI Multipro food processor as this one is quite compact with some really good reviews online. Alternatively, check out other popular food processors and blenders here.

So these are some of the gift ideas to consider when buying for health and fitness enthusiasts. Just remember, this is by no means an exhaustive list and there are several other gift ideas to consider but the key is to know what somebody likes or doesn’t like and then buy a gift which is the most suitable for them.


About the Guest Author
This post has been contributed by Petra Kravos who runs one of the top UK’s health blogs, Be Healthy Now. Petra blogs about all kind of health-related topics, such as healthy eating, nutrition, fitness and natural living. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.