Christmas Snacks and Party Food

Jelly Belly Advent Calendar 2019 Review & Giveaway!

When it comes to Advent Calendars, I'm somewhat of a traditionalist. I have always had a Chocolate advent calendar in my home, even before I became a parent. The idea of opening up a suprise each of the days in December leading up to Christmas is simply part of the holiday traditions that make Christmas so magical. Non-Chocolate Advent Calendar Idea In the UK I've found that there are even more options than back in Canada. I've seen everything from Cheese, to Cereal. There are so many options nowadays for amazing calendars, however not all of them are exactly Kid…

The History of Christmas

Origin of the Nativity Scene

What is a Nativity Scene and Why is it Displayed? In most Christian homes, somewhere near the Christmas tree, you will find a nativity scene, also known as a crèche. The nativity scene is truly more representative of Christmas than a tree or other decorations, for this is the scene that depicts the birth of Jesus and His birth is the true meaning of Christmas. Nativity Scene from Nativity scenes are displays using religious figurines which represent the infant Jesus, His mother, Mary, and her husband, Joseph. The infant Jesus is always placed in a manger. Other figures, such as…

Christmas Crafts

Handmade Advent Candle Craft with Hen Corner

Every year at the Country Living Fair I try to take in at least one or two crafting workshops. This year, I managed to do THREE. I couldn't have been happier with my choices, and my favourite one of the lot was the Advent Candle with Hen Corner. It turns out that making a beautiful Advent candle is super duper easy, if you have all your materials collected it can be done in under 45 minutes. Here's some of the basic supplies you'll need: To get started you'll want some air-dry clay (pictured above in grey, but you can use…

Christmas Traditions

DIY Christmas Book Advent Calendar

Are you looking for a magical way to build up the excitement to Christmas with young children? I might have the perfect idea for you today especially if you have a little book worm. I still remember my eldest daughter’s second Christmas, she was just 20 months old. I wanted an advent calendar for her and a way for us to enjoy the Christmas build up together. I didn't really see how giving her a square of chocolate everyday was going to much more than get her in to the habit of expecting chocolate everyday. Then I came across the…