If there’s one thing about Christmas that is different for me than any other time of year, its the idea of bringing the outdoors inside. Perhaps it’s something about the cold dark days that makes us crave nature, but between Christmas Trees, wreaths, garlands and other greenery.

With this in mind, the the real flower company has created a range of limited edition seasonal bouquets, wreaths and centre pieces that are just the perfect way to celebrate the season with flowers.

Christmas Flowers from The Real Flower Company Christmas Flowers from The Real Flower Company

I was gifted this stunning bouquet to review and honestly I couldn’t have been more pleased. I mean, to start, who doesn’t enjoy getting flowers? The bouquet itself was stunning… And very (perhaps most importantly) Christmassy. As you can see it contained several rose hues, but the most stunning aspect of this bouquet was the smell.
Christmas Flowers from The Real Flower Company
After about five days, the flowers hadn’t wilted yet in the slightest, but that’s when the scent was more noticeable. Fragrant evergreen and savoury notes wafted by my nose while I was writing my Christmas Cards and it was delightful. From my very limited knowledge of herbs I swear there was rosemary and mint within the arrangement (but don’t take my word for it).
Finally, nine days later, we decided to dismantle the flowers. I set aside some of the filler items to use in other decorations this year, and also saved a few of the smaller rosebuds to dry. Also, the pussy willows, because they’ll last forever and are just too adorable to waste.
While the arrangement i got had a distinctly antique / woodland theme, there are a few other arrangements and displays to choose from. I can’t think of a better hostess gift this season.