Christmas Cookies and Desserts

Healthy Christmas Fruitcake Recipe

Guest Post by Hayley of Nourish Your Glow A healthy Christmas fruit cake recipe that’s gluten free and grain free. Made with almond flour, dried fruit, mixed spices and a little orange zest for a lovely authentic festive feel. There’s no added sweetener in this cake; the dried fruit ensure it is naturally sweetened. Even better, it’s pretty easy to make. I have the easiest Christmas fruit cake recipe for you! If you need a healthy Christmas cake to whip up this Christmas I would highly recommend giving this recipe a try. All you need to do is make sure…

Christmas Cookies and Desserts

Berry Pavlova: Australian Summer Christmas Dessert

One of the best aspects of learning about Christmas Traditions in other countries is finding out new and exciting recipes. Especially when a country in the southern hemisphere celebrates Christmas in the Summer - because we can take traditional Christmas recipes and enjoy them anytime. I've recently been researching Christmas traditions in Australia and something that jumped out at me was the idea of a tasty Pavlova - which has all the aspects of a fantastic Christmassy treat, but since it's hot and fresh berries are in season, enjoyed by most Australians at Christmas! So, when VonShef gave me a…

Christmas Cookies and Desserts

How to Make an ‘Aussie’ Christmas Cake

Christmas cake is a winter staple. Usually made from mixed fruit, molasses, and baked in the oven until dark and heavy, it's easy to think the regular Christmas cake recipe is the only one going. Think again. Traditionally, Christmas cake is made with a mixture of raisins, currants, cherries and mixed peel, but using more seasonal fruit and shaking up what you put in your Christmas cake could be just the spice you need to shake up your cake! Australia has the luxury of Summer in Yuletide, however, even if you don't have this luxury where you are in the…