It’s become more and more popular in the last few years, to gift a book a day in December – as a countdown to Christmas. Sometimes this means forgoing the regular Chocolate Advent, or perhaps in addition to. While you could get books from Thrift stores or Dollar stores, it can still be an expensive endeavour. What’s more, is that there’s no continuity.

A New Book Advent Tradition

The Jannie Tharp saw the flaws in this system and perfected it. By using a traditional family Christmas Village as the setting – she has published a book series which is a complete set. 25 Books to countdown to Christmas Day – one for each day in December – a story about magic, elves, fairies and of course – Christmas.

New Family Advent Tradition - Clausen Family Countdown

I am no stranger to the appeal of writing a book about family Christmas Traditions – and the Clausen Family Countdown to Christmas is the same – full of personal family memories, including of their dear Granny – who’s personal Christmas Village is the setting for the story.

Meet Cam and Molly Clausen. They begin to decorate their holiday village on December 1st, placing a new figure within the village each day – but they get swept into the magical land where adventure awaits!

The adventure starts with Book 24 – The Elf Fairy. Ella welcomes the children into the Christmas Village and shows them around. The art within the books is of a photo-illistrated style so you’ll see the actual figures and miniature building decorations as they travel through this magical world.

At the end of each book, we are left with a ‘To Be Continued’ and the adventure continues the next day when Cam and Molly choose a new figurine for the village. The story wraps up on Christmas Day with a bonus book called Santa Parade.

As we’ve never had the chance to do a full Book Christmas Advent I’m super excited to start this new tradition with my daughter. I gave her a sneak peak – and she was instantly hooked – she LOVES Fairies. This will be the perfect bedtime stories in December – especially after we set up our own display – I’m sure her imagination will go wild.

The Clausen Family Countdown to Christmas book set can be purchased from their website