Ugramo Fit Pro Smart Body Scale: an all-in-one gift idea for an entire fitness freak family

To gift something exiting honestly requires a lot of brain scratch in modern times. It gets even tougher when the person at the receiving end is someone very close. People confuse as they aim to gift something creative. It is considered a bit easier when it comes to gift someone a fitness enthusiast. As their preference is apparent, i.e., fitness, people think simply gifting something related to fitness can do their job. Here one doesn’t need to be extremely creative. But, it is extremely important to ensure that the gift has to be upgraded enough. 

With fitness arena getting evolved through high-end technicalities, gifting a body scale certainly seems an easy pick. Those looking for the best body scale to gift in 2020 can go with Ugramo Fit Pro Smart Body Scale. This one of the most explicit and upgraded of its kind fitness technology product is guaranteed to meet the expectation of a contemporary fitness enthusiast. Discussed below are some of the key specs that distinguish the product from the rest.

Ugramo Fit Pro Smart Body Scale: a comprehensive fitness tracking tool

Just like everything else, fitness is also an aspect that requires proper tracking for strategically attaining the result, in quickest possible time. This is where the Ugramo Fit Pro stands out. It is basically a smart scale that is designed to help the fitness enthusiasts in achieving their fitness goal. Moreover, it can be useful for anyone irrespective of the kind of fitness goal he/she would wish to achieve. Be it about a weightlifter aiming to curb down fat and gain muscle weight or a marathon runner interested in simply losing weight, Ugramo is equally useful for all.     

The Ugramo Fit Pro is moreover a smart scale that first of all records the bodyweight of the concerned person and keeps it logged in within a freely available application. Interestingly, Ugramo comes up with a free application for both the iPhone and Android users. In addition, the product is thoroughly compatible with other prominent platforms like Google Fit, Apple Health and Fitbit as well. In short, the product is available for all groups of people, irrespective of the technology platform they opt for.

Much advanced than a mere weight tracking app 

There are many aspects that make Ugramo Fit Pro thoroughly distinguished over others. First of all, it is much ahead of a mere weight tracking application. At the same time keeping the weight tracking record, the product is capable of maintaining cardiac rate, maintaining the body mass index, keeping track of body fat, and other related aspects. There remains an LCD display of 4.6 inches with it that boasts eight varied kinds of measurement options. The best part, it comes with an ‘Athlete Mode’. The ‘Athlete Mode’ is meant for the athletes and is obviously for the common fitness enthusiasts. Most importantly, the application supports around ten different body types of user types in accordance with their fitness goal.          

Calculating body balance ratio

The Ugramo Fit Pro is equally efficient in terms of calculating the body balance ratio as well. This is a key feature that matters the most for the athletes. It means if the concerned person to be gifted is an athlete, he/she would definitely love it.   At the same time, it is an incredible pick for senior citizens as well with reduced bone mass. Getting these numbers can be useful for those pursuing a balance training program. In short, if there is someone, a senior citizen equally enthusiastic about fitness can also be gifted with this. 

Key technical features of Ugramo Fit making it most distinguishing

  • The Ugramo Fit Pro comes with various smart technical features those make it the most distinguishing. Discussed below are some of such key features.
  • It comes enriched with advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) with four super-specific sensors; one can attain the most trustworthy outcome. 
  • The tool comes with 13 most vital body compositions ranging from BMI, body fat, BMR, body water, body age, etc. enabling the user in having the most accomplishing look into your body.
  • The application helps a user in fixing a goal, get clarity about body metric level, and keep track of variations. Accordingly, one can put efforts into improving.
  • The application delivers results in the most specific fashion, regarding every aspect of body composition. It provides a wholesome insight into the body metrics of the user along with four super-efficient sensors. Moreover, each of the metrics provides complete detail for achieving long term goals.    


Ugramo Fit Pro is an absolutely user-friendly tool, despite being enriched with high-end specs. It is extremely lightweight that can be used by anyone. Not just youth or senior citizen, the app can be useful for keeping track of a kid’s growth as well. In short, gifting something like this not just helps the concerned user, but for his/her entire family.