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Christmas isn’t the only time to Celebrate. We post year-round and are happy to feature amazing Craft, Recipe, Lifestyle and Home Decor ideas for any Special Occasion. We love to share the best inspiration for you to enjoy all the wonderful Holidays every year has to offer, all year round.


Spring Holidays

If you’re celebrating Mother’s Day, Easter or just looking for ideas to do a good Spring clean, you’ll find something! We even write about lesser-known Holidays like Waffle Day. Check out our newest articles below for the most recent Spring Holiday featured content.

Summer Holidays

Isn’t summer a time to celebrate, regardless of Holidays or not? But aside from Family Vacations and Beach Trips, there’s lots of fun Holidays to celebrate in the Summer. From Father’s Day, to Fourth of July, there’s even National Watermelon Day!

Fall Holidays

Some of our favourite Holidays land in the fall. Aside from the dreaded Back to School (which is the very opposite of a Holiday for some), it all starts with the celebration of the start of Autumn. Then, we’ve got Thanksgiving (Both USA and Canada), and Halloween! We don’t let these fun celebrations be overshadowed by our Love of Christmas.

The best Holiday Decor, Recipes, Craft, Activity and Gift ideas for all year long on All Things Christmas.

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Christmas Recipes

Christmas in July Recipe – Frozen Smoothie

So it's the middle of the summer, but you're thinking festive thoughts and are looking for a Christmas in July recipe. Here's your perfect treat - that's got an adorable Candy Cane Swirl, but tastes like sweet strawberries and pineapples. It's the perfect Red-Green-White mix to celebrate Christmas in July (or anytime during the summer, really!   Christmas in July Frozen Smoothie Enjoy this summer treat when you're craving something a little festive 1 cup Raspberries (Fresh or Frozen)1 cup Strawberries (Fresh or Frozen)1 cup Plain Yogurt1 cup Pineapple Chunks (Fresh or Frozen)1/4 cup Strawberry (or Cranberry) Juice Combine Raspberries…

Christmas Movies

Best Christmas in July Movies

Here's our list of the best movies to watch to celebrate Christmas in July. Not your usual list of festive goodies, each of these Christmas in July Movies has been selected for a specific reason which makes it perfect for the season. You know, the summer season. Although you're welcome to watch any Christmas Movies at any time of year, these are especially suited for July, you'll see why. Lets start off with the most obvious contender: Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July The actual real-life sequel to both the original Rudolph and Frosty films, and the only time you'll…

Christmas Recipes

Christmas in July Treats: Snowmelon Men!

To celebrate our site relaunch I've put together a few special posts to help you celebrate these warm summer days in a really cool way,  today I would like to share some Christmas in July treats. These adorable little Melon Ball Snowmen, or as I've decided to call them "Snowmelon Men". If you're looking for a summer snack that has a festive touch, or would like a less sugary alternative to Marshmallow Snowmen, these are perfect.   Supplies You'll need a honeydew or cantaloupe melon, some red licorice string, kabab or cake pop sticks, a melon baller (ideally two sizes),…