Here’s our list of the best movies to watch to celebrate Christmas in July. Not your usual list of festive goodies, each of these Christmas in July Movies has been selected for a specific reason which makes it perfect for the season. You know, the summer season. Although you’re welcome to watch any Christmas Movies at any time of year, these are especially suited for July, you’ll see why.

Lets start off with the most obvious contender:

Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July

Best Christmas in July Movies - Rudolph and Frosty

The actual real-life sequel to both the original Rudolph and Frosty films, and the only time you’ll see Frosty in a stop-motion film – most die-hard Rankin & Bass fans consider this to be the worst of the iconic series. Perhaps you should judge it for yourself.
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The Die Hard Trilogy

Best Christmas in July Movies - Die Hards

That’s right, all three. (Lets all get on board pretending there are only three, okay). Watching The Die Hard trilogy is the perfect Christmas in July movies marathon – because the first two actually take place at Christmas and the third takes place during the summer (July, probably, right?).
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Holiday Inn

Best Christmas in July Movies - Holiday Inn

While this is considered a very traditional Christmas film, it actually takes place over the course of an entire year, and offers musical ensembles, including one for the Fourth of July, making it a perfect fit for our Christmas in July movies list.
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