It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, you can always start planning for your Christmas wardrobe. December is a tough time financially and so it is always monetarily beneficial to be ahead of the game and pre-plan for the festive season. Christmas is the one occasion where you can milk it with accessories, baubles and clothing items affecting everyone around you with the spirit of Christmas. Here are some cost effective tips you can begin looking into and to help you get in touch with your creative side.

Ribbons and Trinkets

Bells, ribbons and trinkets. If you see these items up for sale anywhere buy them. You can use them to decorate ordinary jerseys, wrap gifts, adorn your home and do a whole lot more!

Investing in Colours

December is a time of red, green and white. You can also wear these colours throughout the season. If you see a sale grab any of these colours to adorn later on in the year. If you haven’t had the time to do your Christmas shopping and you are desperate to find something trendy, hip and oh so Christmassy, check out the collection at Ana Heart for affordable and fashionable wear for throughout the year.

Jeans and Jerseys

If you are in a cold part of the world, ripped up old jeans with a hip green and red jersey is the ideal look this festive season. For everyday wear or dashing into the shops, you cannot go wrong with Levi’s and tank jerseys.

The Little Red Dress

Forgo the little black number this holiday season and grab a red number for the office party. For the guys, a red button up goes a long way with a black tie. It’s slick, festive and all out daring!

Like Grandma Used to Do

Fish out the old knitted scarves, the sweat shirts and those awful reindeer jerseys, because people, these are back in fashion! This year is bound to grab the attention of many passer-by’s as we don the vintage look like grandma used to make and if you didn’t get any from her in the past recent years, best you buy her tea and cake and beg her to make you something to put you on trend.


If you, like many, are more of an introvert and prefer to keep loud clothes in the wardrobe, you needn’t miss out on the Christmas cheer. Upscale your outfit by dressing in your everyday wear with the exception of accessorizing it. Grab red, green or a combination of these colours and dangle them from your ears, around your neck or even create your own bracelets with the above mentioned ribbons and bells. Even just a glimpse at a Christmas made item of jewellery speaks volumes in Christmas cheer.

Make this year’s upcoming Christmas the most festive one yet. Get into the cheer of Christmas by wearing it and owning everyday of December, after all, you have only waited for Christmas 364 days in a row!