Christmas Decorations

Ideas For Your Christmas Wardrobe

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, you can always start planning for your Christmas wardrobe. December is a tough time financially and so it is always monetarily beneficial to be ahead of the game and pre-plan for the festive season. Christmas is the one occasion where you can milk it with accessories, baubles and clothing items affecting everyone around you with the spirit of Christmas. Here are some cost effective tips you can begin looking into and to help you get in touch with your creative side. Ribbons and Trinkets Bells, ribbons and trinkets. If you…



Handmade dresses and cosplay attire, with a great selection of seasonal dress-up (Fancy Dress) clothes. LOVE the vintage style of this shop! If you ever wanted a made-to-measure custom Christmas Dress, this is the place. The fabrics on hand currently are ideally vintage, just like wrapping paper. There are a host of other amazing designs, but here are my favourite holiday dresses from Frockasaurus: The style of these dresses is amazing, and the workmanship looks divine. If you're looking to treat yourself to a party dress you'll love for years and years, definitly check out: Frockasaurus' Etsy Shop. Also, maybe…


Rooby Lane

Adorable vintage-inspired handmade skirts and dresses, with strong literary influences. Adorable holiday-themed clothes for both adults and Kids. The fabric she uses just oozes 1950s vintage style, along with the design. Here are a few of our favourite Rooby Lane skirts. This Simple 1950s style skirt is to-die for. Absolutly wonderful! The pattern on this one (available in three colours) reminds me so much of Vintage wrapping paper, I LOVE IT.   This is by far my favourite. Christmas Carol print skirt is festive and nerdy at the same time! For more amazing designs coming out this year you should…