Christmas is the special festivity usually associated with the celebration in the circle of the close people. It’s a time of miracles and fairy atmosphere, but how to endure it if you stuck with the routine and your relationships failed? Travelling is the best remedy from the broken heart and depression which may not only heal your deepest wounds but also can bring you unbelievable emotions and new acquaintances.

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Best places to visit on Christmas

  • Iceland

This charming country is famous for its incredible landscapes and variety of entertainment.  Real Christmas atmosphere reigns in the snow-covered cities and fills the air with a pleasant fragrance of happiness. In the central squares, you will come across open fairs with Christmas decorations and traditional dishes. In your free time, enjoy the breathtaking nature of Iceland visiting geysers, waterfalls, taking a walk along the trolley trail, and if you’re lucky – witness the beauty of the northern lights.

  • Italy

Italy will definitely make your Christmas sufficiently romantic as this festivity is highly appreciated here.  The most notable for its inspiring atmosphere is Rome with the colorful lights beaming on the buildings. Enjoy exquisite cuisine at the local restaurants or join the noisy festivities on the streets. In case you prefer active lifestyle then miscellaneous ski resorts are for you.

  • Lithuania

Vilnius is the center of all the Christmas events in Lithuania. At the Cathedral Square, you can walk through the huge fair and buy some pleasant souvenirs for yourself as well as enjoy annually installed the largest Christmas tree in Europe. Moreover, during the Christmas celebration, you can come across a wide range of musical concerts and theatrical performances or just have a walk through the pretty cobbled streets. 

  • Sweden

This country is a magnificent place to visit during Christmas as you won’t have a chance to get bored here. Obviously, the main celebrations are held in Stockholm. Don’t forget to go the Skansen Park in the center of the city and throw yourself into the full explosion of Christmas traditional celebrations with its gorgeous fair and attractions. Skansen hosts different activities both for adults and kids such as excursions, master-classes, concerts, and performances. 

While lots of people are staying at home, why don’t you try something different and travel to another country on Christmas? You won’t regret!