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If you’re looking for some Fun Christmas Traditions or more information about the History and Origins of Christmas Traditions, you’ve found the right place.

We have details about lots of different Christmas Around the World as well as Family Christmas Traditions Ideas for you to start your own Christmas Customs for kids!

Christmas Customs


Customs and Traditions at Christmastime are important to every family and every culture. Here at All Things Christmas we want you to have a Merry Christmas, by celebrating with us, and sharing all the Christmas Customs from all around the world.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Traditions


Some of the most important Christmas Traditions are the Fun Christmas Traditions we do each year on Xmas. Here you can Discover New Traditions or read about Old Christmas Customs from the past or simply learn more about different cultures and how they celebrate Christmas.

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Family Christmas Traditions

Why I Don’t Want the Perfect Christmas this Year

Guest Post by Abi Jones from Something About Baby Everyone who knows me, knows that I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  I am your typical Pinterest mum. I have this deep rooted need to make sure every tiny detail is perfect and planned to the last second!   Holidays have an hour by hour itinerary, days out are planned using many, many lists and birthdays and special occasions are organised months (years…) in advance!  I always have so many plates spinning, I don’t know what’s what most days. So of course Christmas is going to be one of the most planned-in-detail…

Family Christmas Traditions

How to Start Planning for Christmas in September

Guest Post By Cassie Fairy from My Thrifty Life If you haven’t already started to plan for Christmas yet… why not?! It’s only three months away, people! You can start planning for the festive season at any time of year (and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!) but there are some specific things that you can do in the month September to get a head start and help make your Christmas as stress-free as possible. Photo by Budget, plan and start saving One of the most important things you can do to prepare for Christmas is financial planning. After all,…

Christmas Snacks and Party Food

Jelly Belly Advent Calendar 2019 Review & Giveaway!

When it comes to Advent Calendars, I'm somewhat of a traditionalist. I have always had a Chocolate advent calendar in my home, even before I became a parent. The idea of opening up a suprise each of the days in December leading up to Christmas is simply part of the holiday traditions that make Christmas so magical. Non-Chocolate Advent Calendar Idea In the UK I've found that there are even more options than back in Canada. I've seen everything from Cheese, to Cereal. There are so many options nowadays for amazing calendars, however not all of them are exactly Kid…

Christmas Traditions

Plan Early for a Gift to Yourself this Christmas

Christmas is some months away at the time of this post, and yet, it will be here sooner than any of us know. There are many reasons to celebrate Christmas. Some consider it to be a holy religious day, some simply enjoy spending time with the family, while others use it as a benchmark to reflect on the year in good company.  While presents and gifts are of course not the point of Christmas, they can be part of it. But when was the last time you gifted yourself? When did you last decide to use Christmas as a nice…