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Here on All Things Christmas you will find the best collection of Christmas Recipes online. If you’re looking for meal ideas for Christmas Dinner, or Dessert ideas, we are always adding new ideas and Recipes for your Holiday parties and meals.

Recipes for Christmas

Christmas food is one of the most important aspect of the Holidays, no matter which country you reside in. From Turkey Dinner, to Feast of Seven Fishes, everyone has their own traditions and we’re here to help find the perfect recipes for each special occasion you may have during Christmas and New Year.

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Christmas Snacks and Party Food

Easy No-Cook Christmas Party Snacks

When it comes to hosting a party, sometimes the food can be the most bothersome part to consider. If you're hosting a Christmas party this year and don't even want to turn the stove on, I've got some wonderful no-cook Christmas Party Snacks that you should try. Cheese Board By far my favourite no-cook party item. Easy to put together with a few cheeses, meats, fruits and crackers. Be imaginative, there are loads of ideas on Pinterest to try out! Nuts Always a party favourite, you can't go wrong with some salted shelled nuts, like this Nuts Gift Box. Although…

Christmas Cookies and Desserts

Tired of Cookies? Make these Christmas Desserts Instead!

Christmas is synonymous with cheer, holiday season, gifts, family time, good food and much more. As food is an indispensable element of good times, there is a dozen of sweet meals and savoury items that people prepare to ring in with the festivities. As you gear up for the celebrations and plan some traditional desserts, it’s not unusual to be scouting for new recipes. Though Christmas cookies are a regular feature, if you want something different while you explore your culinary skills, there are countless ideas that you can choose from. Make and munch into some of these delicious desserts…

Christmas Cookies and Desserts

How to Make an ‘Aussie’ Christmas Cake

Christmas cake is a winter staple. Usually made from mixed fruit, molasses, and baked in the oven until dark and heavy, it's easy to think the regular Christmas cake recipe is the only one going. Think again. Traditionally, Christmas cake is made with a mixture of raisins, currants, cherries and mixed peel, but using more seasonal fruit and shaking up what you put in your Christmas cake could be just the spice you need to shake up your cake! Australia has the luxury of Summer in Yuletide, however, even if you don't have this luxury where you are in the…

Christmas Cookies and Desserts

Almost Famous Cinnamon Buns Recipe

If there’s one smell most associated with the Yuletide season, it’s cinnamon. A study published on Appetite revealed that the smell of cinnamon, along with orange and cloves, are some of the scents most associated with Christmas. Cinnamon’s distinctive smell has become linked with the holiday season so much so that OMG Facts mentioned how some retailers are now sneaking it into their stores to entice buyers to purchase their products. However, it’s more than just a smell that triggers nostalgia. A post about cinnamon on Foxy Bingo enumerated the benefits of the spice, which is extracted from the bark…