Christmas is synonymous with cheer, holiday season, gifts, family time, good food and much more. As food is an indispensable element of good times, there is a dozen of sweet meals and savoury items that people prepare to ring in with the festivities. As you gear up for the celebrations and plan some traditional desserts, it’s not unusual to be scouting for new recipes.

Though Christmas cookies are a regular feature, if you want something different while you explore your culinary skills, there are countless ideas that you can choose from. Make and munch into some of these delicious desserts as you enjoy the festival of joy with your family. Offer the innovative treats to your friends as you enjoy playing the choicest games at Vegas Mobile Casino with them over the much-awaited Christmas party.

Easy and no-bake Christmas treats

Considering you wouldn’t wish to expend long hours in the kitchen and rather choose to spend quality time with friends and family; why not merrily opt for some quick bites.

Get gooey with the chocolate covered pretzels: try this quick recipe

Melt the chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl or on a double boiler. Once the chocolate has melted, carefully dip the pretzels that you’ve picked up from the supermarket. Allow the excess chocolate to drip off as you gently shake the pretzel and leave it for a few seconds before you add your favourite toppings. You could use sprinklers, chocolate chips or anything of your choice as toppings. These will stick to the gluey chocolate, so set the time right before you add these. Don’t leave the Choco-dipped pretzel for more than 40 seconds prior to adding the toppings. To pull in some innovation, you could also use potato chips, seasonal fruits or Oreos to coat with chocolate dip.

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Add a twist to the Christmassy classic treats

If you are using your Mom’s traditional recipe book, try some variations instead of using all the original ingredients. In case you fancy the idea of baking, give your usual brownies a new life with novel ingredients or look up tempting recipes such as eggnog brownies. There are a host of innovative recipes available online.

While you prep up for the much-awaited party, align the desserts to match the mood and theme of the night. Add a few themed decorations that work as an appetizer for your guests. As you entertain your guests, wow them with some experimental blends. Punch orange or peppermint flavour into that rich chocolate cake. If you know the taste and preferences of your buddies, it can get easier to plan the treats. Check up the latest recipes and make your own. Add a dash of cinnamon to your hot chocolate to flush down the brownies.

Delight your friends with unique return gifts

Christmas celebrations aren’t over without gifts. Whether fudge, candies, blondies or anything of your choice, assort and wrap some homemade treats as return gifts to resonate with the season’s spirit. Your buddies will relish these goodies even as they get back home.