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Christmas Fun and Games

Christmas Jokes and Riddles for Kids

One of the best parts of Christmas is laughing at jokes, and playing riddles, especially with children, which is why we created this sheet of Christmas Jokes and Riddles for Kids Christmas Riddles For Kids If you're looking for some of the best silly Christmas Riddles for kids, we have made a fantastic downloadable sheet with 30+ funny and family-friendly Christmas jokes and Riddles for kids. See a few examples below, and download our free printable jokes sheet, too! These simple jokes make excellent Christmas Riddles for kids, and are fun for children of all ages. Here are a few…

Christmas Carols & Lyrics

Christian Christmas Songs and Carols Lyrics

We've put together some of the best Christian Christmas Songs and Carols Lyrics for you download free! Listening and singing Christmas music is one of the most fun traditions to do with kids, and family during the holidays, we love all the old classic songs, it's a great way to spend time with the family before Church, or by going Caroling in the neighboruhood. All of the most famous and well known Christian Carols and Songs are included in the lyric sheets, like Away in a Manger, O Holy Night, Joy to the World, and Little Drummer Boy full lyrics…

Christmas Movies & Television

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2019 September Schedule

Happy 'Ber Months Everyone! September is here, so Summer is coming to a close. We're getting closer and closer to the start of the true Holidays season, and the full Hallmark Countdown to Christmas schedule (which will start on October 25th this year). We will be publishing the full Premieres schedule (that's all 40 brand-new films coming to Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries) as soon as it's available, but in the meantime we'll have to settle for our Thursday and Friday night movies. Tonight there's a special Second Look at 2019 Christmas movies coming - at 10pm ET!…

Christmas Movies & Television

August Hallmark Christmas Movie Schedules Free Download

Well, we're all a little bit depressed from the end of the Christmas in July movie marathons. But, there's good news. In celebration of 10 years of Countdown to Christmas, Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is still showing Christmas movies each and every week. Thursdays for M&M and Friday nights for Hallmark Channel. As usual, I have put together a free printable schedule for both channels that you can download and be prepared to watch some of the best Hallmark Christmas movies, even during the summer. I hope you like Candice Cameron-Bure, because she features heavily in this…