It really is the most wonderful time of the year, which is why people are excited about Christmas many months before its arrival. Whether it’s the presents, snacks and party food, or the joy of being surrounded by family, Christmas is a time like no other. It’s magical for kids, especially. 

Another aspect of Christmas people really can’t wait for is the opportunity to pig out on the sofa and watch repeats of classic Christmas movies from over the years. There’s even games to play too, like the Christmas-themed slots in the UK from the reliable provider Mansion, alongside Christmas songs, pieces of art and fashion. It’s the movies most people really look forward to, though, with numerous Christmas classics leaving a lasting impression on so many people. From Elf to Home Alone to The Snowman, everyone has sampled some festive cinema in their lives at some point. 

As a result of this, numerous characters from the array of Christmas movies we’ve all watched over the years will always be remembered. The list of memorable characters could be humongous, but we’re going to focus on a select few below. 

Buddy the Elf

A character from the aforementioned Elf, Buddy the Elf and his propensity to wear tights and show off his big smile are impossible to forget. Played by Will Ferrell, Buddy’s energy is infectious, and his love for Christmas is unrivalled. In times where negativity is rife, Buddy the Elf’s Christmas joy and unique outlook on life are well worth watching again, even if you’ve seen the movie before. 

Jack Skellington

A hugely popular character from The Night Before Christmas, Jack Skellington didn’t exactly love Christmas or take too kindly to it, but he’s still remembered fondly regardless. Despite being steeped in goth accessories and looking like something out of a horror movie, Jack Skellington’s impact on Christmas is truly iconic, especially as The Night Before Christmas is such a memorable Christmas movie. Still, despite kidnapping Santa Claus, it’s hard to forget good old Jack Skellington and his giant skull head. 

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Harry Lime 

Played by the unforgettable Joe Pesci in the true classic Home Alone, Harry Lime might be a pesky burglar who aims to essentially ruin peoples’ Christmas. Still, his role in this movie is impossible to ignore. A funny and cheeky man, Harry Lime was quick to realise he and his accomplice had met their match in Kevin McAllister, saying the classic line: “I think we’re getting scammed by a kindergartener.” In the end, he turned out to be right as Kevin came out on top, leaving Harry Lime serving time behind bars. What a classic. 

John McClane

John McTiernan’s action classic, Die Hard, is a classic Christmas movie for so many people, especially as it all kicks off when terrorists gatecrash a Christmas party attended by John McClane, therefore dampening his chances of a reunion with his estranged wife. They certainly made a mistake there, as it becomes evident that you shouldn’t mess with John McClane, especially at Christmas.

Willie T. Soke

The 2003 release of Bad Santa proved to be a massive hit, largely down to the fact that it encapsulated anything but Christmas spirit, with Willie T. Soke’s aim of dressing up as Santa at as many department stores as possible and then ripping them off highlighting just how much of an unsavoury character he was. That changes, though, after alcoholic Willie meets a kid who believes in Santa Claus which leads him to assess his life and admitting that he hates himself. Thankfully, there aren’t many Willie T. Soke’s in the real world.