Christmas Tree Decorations

Initial Baubles and Christmas Mugs from McLaggan Smith UK

If there's one thing that the British do just a little bit better than Canadians (or I daresay American as well) it's to honour tradition. So when it comes to Christmas Traditions they take very serious care and afford it the right sort of reverence. One tradition that my family has done for as long as I can remember is having our own personalised Christmas Baubles. For us, this would be a regular metallic bauble personalized with our name at whatever Christmas Shop it was bought at. I have one from Bronners, and I have one from Just Christmas (I…

Christmas Movies & Television

How to watch Hallmark Christmas in July in the UK – Movies24 Full Schedule

Well, from time to time there are drawbacks to living in the UK. Similarly to Canada (happy Canada Day, but the way), we don't get many USA based TV Channels. Luckily, from time to time tv execs strike a deal, and we get to enjoy some of the otherwise exclusive USA based programming. How to watch Hallmark Movies in the UK Movies24 Channel which airs non-stop Christmas Movies in the holiday season, has announced they'll be offering a full month of Hallmark Christmas Movies for July 2019. While it's not quite the 24/7 marathon that Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies and…