If there’s one thing that the British do just a little bit better than Canadians (or I daresay American as well) it’s to honour tradition. So when it comes to Christmas Traditions they take very serious care and afford it the right sort of reverence. One tradition that my family has done for as long as I can remember is having our own personalised Christmas Baubles. For us, this would be a regular metallic bauble personalized with our name at whatever Christmas Shop it was bought at.

I have one from Bronners, and I have one from Just Christmas (I need to remember to get one from my favourite Christmas Shop, Spirit of Christmas next time I’m in Banff). But I do not have one from the UK, yet. I was very happy to meet the kind people of McLaggan Smith during a Christmas in July event and they offered to send me one of their newly launched Bone China Initial Baubles. I jumped at the chance, not exactly for myself, but for Lydia.

The McLaggan Smith Initial Letter Bauble is something special. It’s Bone China and the real gold is mirror-like and the decorative lettering is beautiful. It comes with Purple or Teal accents (Around the initial and ribbon colour). You can buy it for £14.95 from their online shop.


It is by no means an oversized bauble and the Bone China makes it a bit heavier, but it’s obviously an heirloom piece that my daughter will enjoy hopefully for the rest of her life. There are several other baubles within this collection that I wouldn’t mind having either.

(Not the least of which reason is that my middle name, really is Joy)

McLaggin Smith also has a range of some of the cutest Christmas Mugs you’ll ever see, and here are just a few of my top pics:

So if you’re looking to pick up either a wonderful personal item like the initial bauble, or something more quirky, definitely check out the Mclaggin Smith online shop.

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