Christmas Recipes

Mini Christmas Cake Bites Recipe

Guest Post by Becky of TheLifeStyleBlogger UK If you haven't already, it's time to get thinking about your Christmas cake! For me, this normally starts back in October becuase I like to soak the fruit for the cake in LOTS of alcohol. You dont need to soak it for that long, even a few days would be enough though. However, if like me, you find the idea of trying to eat a huge Christmas cake a bit daunting, or maybe there arent that many in your family to share it with, I've got another option for you still get to…

Christmas Cookies and Desserts

Easy Edible Christmas Gifts

Guest Post by Sarah from The Cozy Homebird Buying Christmas presents always seems so exciting to until I start thinking of what to buy everyone. It’s so difficult knowing what to get, especially when you’ve been buying for that same person for years. There’s only so many Boots gift sets or Primark fluffy pyjamas you can buy before the receiver starts realising that you are putting absolutely no thought into their presents, or at least that’s how it looks when you buy the same thing on repeat! This got me thinking, putting in the effort is what makes your loved…