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December has arrived so fast and you can feel the Christmas vibes in the air. You can spot Christmas decorations almost everywhere; stores, offices, streets etc. There is so much spending and planning to do this festive season on a whole lot of things. The list is endless depending what you’ve planned for the Christmas. This is also inclusive of your choice home decorations. It isn’t too early to put up your Christmas decoration and start planning for the festive holiday.

In other to assist you watch your Christmas spend on home decorations. I have curated a list of 10 budget friendly Christmas home decorations ideas for you this Christmas. Some of these ideas are simple do it yourself (DIY) that can be made from items you probably already have at home. Even if you need buy some of the items, they are budget friendly supplies you can easily afford. Thank me later.

Make an Ornament Curtain
For those of us that is familiar with curtains that are commonly found in bars or clubs. An ornament curtain is quite like them. You can make an ornament curtain from colorful ribbons with ornaments tied at the tip. Also, you can choose to alternate the colors of the ornaments to suite your taste. Place this curtain ornament on your windows in your sitting room or bed room.

Hand-made Icicles
Another budget friendly home decoration idea you can choose is to make your own festive icicles. You can easily make this icicle from card stock, colorful wrap paper, glue and fish hook. Simply cut a circle in card stock and wrap it with colorful paper. These icicles can be used to decorate your home ceiling to make it more festive and beautiful.

Decorate with empty bottles and Cut-out pine tree
Your Christmas tree mustn’t be massive. Cut out a small pine branch and root in water jar. Also get empty bottles lying around your home and make them into a candle stand. This can be used to decorate your dinning table in the sitting room. This is by setting up your table with the pine and DIY candle stand. This will add some style to dinning table this festive season on a budget.

Use Large printed “JOY” sign
Christmas is a season of joy. It is a time to spread joy to your friends and family. Another budget friendly home decoration you can do is to strategically place a joy sign on your wall. Such that it is the first thing visitors will see. The alphabet “O” can be made into a Christmas wreath from ornaments. Alternatively you can choose two colors for the joy sign e.g. red and gold. You can purchase colorful large joy alphabet from your local stores in any color of your choice. 

Decorate your front door with Yarn wreath
Yarns are a major component for knitting. It can also be used to make a yarn wreath for your home decorations. This wreath can be made from varying colors of yarn decorate with ornaments and a ribbon bow. You can place this yarn wreath at your front door to give it a festive look. 

Decorate your throw pillows
If you throw pillows on your couch at home, give it make over for the festive season. You can tie a ribbon around the throw pillow to give a whole new festive look

Hang a giant Christmas ornament
Giant Christmas ornaments are very affordable to get at your local stores. You can hang a few Christmas ornament in front of your home to give a lovely festive look. Use colorful ribbons to hang it freely in front of your home

Set Cone glitters on your table
Another affordable and easy Christmas decoration you can use for your home is cone glitters. In place of firs or pine trees, this cone can be used as a simple Christmas tree for your home. You can set these glitters on your table in the sitting or dining area. Glitters are eye catchy as well as very beautiful. So, it will be so hard to miss by visitors to your home.

Decorate with a candle centre piece
A simple DIY Christmas home decoration is to make a candle centre piece for your table. Use empty bottles as candle stand. Also you can decorate the centre piece with foliage from your home with ornaments to give a festive look. 

Set your table with a jar of ornaments
Another very simple Christmas home decoration that is budget friendly is by filling a jar with ornament. Ornament gives a festive look, so, you can fill a jar with colorful ornament to set your tables at home.

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