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Christmas Movies

Hallmark M&M Christmas in July 2019 Full Schedule [Updated June 20th]

UPDATED JUNE 20, 2019 WITH NEW SCHEDULE Leave it to Hallmark to Change things up just a week before Christmas in July is slated to begin. They've moved the date/time of the premiere of their All-New 2019 Christmas in July film 'Christmas Camp' and swapped around quite a few other movie showtimes, so we've had to update the schedule! If you're an existing Newsletter Subscriber: Check your Inbox, we've sent out the schedule to you already! If you're not already a Subscriber: Go ahead and fill out the form below, we've updated the links with the NEW schedule!   So…

Christmas Movies

Hallmark Christmas Movies June 2019 Schedule

Well, here we are just a month away from Christmas in July and we have another batch of wonderful Hallmark Christmas movies to share. Since Hallmark Movies & Mysteries decided to put Christmas films back on the schedule on Thursdays we have 8 awesome Christmas Movies to enjoy this month (and even more next month)! Here's a quick preview of a couple of them, along with some important schedule notes. Hallmark Channel Friday Movies Time Change (again). Who knows why they do these things, but Hallmark has decided to move the Friday night Christmas Movies BACK to 8pm, as they…

Christmas Movies

Hallmark Christmas Movies May 2019 Schedule

Well, it turns out that Hallmark Movies & Myteries listened to the Christmas Movie fans, and we won over - they brought back the Thursday Night Christmas Movies on their channel. So, in addition to the Hallmark 2019 May Download (which can be found at the bottom of this post), we've created a NEW Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Schedule to accompany it! Although the schedule isn't fully updated to include May 30ths movie - for that, please follow our Facebook Page so we can update you as soon as it's scheduled! Including the Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie Schedule Download So…

Christmas Movies

Hallmark Christmas Movie Schedule April 2019

In case you didn't know - Hallmark Channel, and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel will be airing Christmas Movies all year long. So we though, since our annual Countdown to Christmas free download is so popular, why not put out a monthly schedule that Hallmark Fans can save or print to have the full details on each Hallmark Christmas movie that will be playing each month? Here's our first one - for April 2019. It contains all the movies, times and channels, that Hallmark and Hallmark Movies & Myseries will be playing this month. You can download it for free…