Now that Easter is over, and the kids are back in school, my whole week has been about having conversations with other parents about ‘What we did for Easter’. Here in the UK, children get at least two whole weeks off for Easter so there’s absolutely a huge amount of time to fill with activities. Sometimes it can be a little daunting so I asked around to other parents on how they fill this time, and I’m happy to share this list of Easter Traditions and Activities and hopefully you can find it helpful in filling all the time off.

A Woodland Easter Egg Hunt

If you would like your children to feel a little more in touch with nature, then setting up your egg hunt in a nearby park or forest is a fantastic idea, instead of just around the home. Head over to DollyDowsie to see more photos from her hunt last year with her little ones, and get more tips on what you should bring/do for a memorable Easter hunt.

Easter Parade NYC

Easter Traditions and Activities

So many families travel since there’s such a big gap for school. If you’re in/near New York City or travelling there, you should absolutely check out the Easter Bonnet Parade. More about this amazing tradition and super-fun event can be read at TwoTravellingTexans blog. Not to mention a bunch more photos of amazing and out-there Easter themed bonnets!

20 Easter Activities

If you’re looking for a quick list and round-up post with a bunch of easy and fun ideas all at once, go check out How To Get Organized At Home’s list of Fun Easter Ideas!

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Easter Traditions and Activities

If you’re just a bit bored, or maybe you want a bit more creative challange next year, instead of the regular Easter Egg hunt, here are a few ideas on how to make it new and exciting. LadyBird’s Adventures has a few suggestions, and links to even more!

Family Traditions

Easter Traditions and Activities

If you’re curious on some of the Family Traditions surrounding Easter (including the lead-up, Lent), pop on over to Rachael Stray’s Blog where she goes over a few of her Family Traditions surrounding the holiday, including lots of info about foods eaten before, during and after Easter!

Money Saving Tips

Celebrating any holiday shouldn’t put you in a bad mood because of money reasons, it’s a time to enjoy family and time together. If all these activities, baking and traditions are stretching your wallet a bit further than you had hoped, then you should have a read at the DailyDealsBlog tips to Easter money saving ideas. The’ve got tips on how to save, and free games as well as activities and even a cheeky ways to get free chocolate!

Easter Day Plans

Easter Traditions and Activities

So you’ve already done a few Easter Crafts – and maybe you’ve already figured out which Easter Recipes you’re going to try out. The day is here and you just want to plan out the best Easter you can. Head over to Mummy 2 Twindividuals to get some tips on things to do on Easter Day, including some cracking ideas on how to make a really memorable Easter Breakfast!

Hope this post helps inspire you for next year, and if you have any tips, please share them in our comments!

Easter Traditions and Activities